Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Company Store

So... you may be wondering what I've been doing for the last few weeks. I'm sure many of you figured I had given up on this blog. The fact is, things have been happening so fast and getting so damn complicated, that I had to just let it all happen. Have you ever been the guy or gal with video or digital camera at an event? Did you feel like you missed out on some of the action, maybe some of the fun? Yes, you caught the right shots and you'll be burning CD and DVDs, but you don't really feel like you were part of it all. Well, I didn't want to, or simply couldn't step back and take a snapshot of what has been going on. It has been fun and exciting indeed, but it has also been very emotional and at times hurtful from a variety of perspectives. Now I'm ready to share.

At one time it was the company store. It still has boxes stacked in every corner and a few metal shelving units scattered around. I can remember going there to get a bottle of orange juice and a pack of gum or aspirin during breaks. It was a useful place, just a floor above the cafeteria. A few cafe style tables and chairs; a nice place to say hey to coworkers while picking up a USA Today.

She wanted to meet me there before work... 4:30 am to be exact. 5am was our typical before work meeting time, but this was different, very different in so many ways. This was someone new and I had no idea what was going to happen.

I came up on the elevator from a bottom floor. The door opened and there she stood with a janitors stash of keys in her hands. She looked me up and down, then turned towards the door and unlocked them as if we had done this for years. I was a bit nervous, but excited. I knew she had some kind of thing for me, but I didn't know if it was all good. I mean, there was a feeling inside that maybe she knew about Amber & Nicole and had some sense of what we've been up to. How was she reacting to it? Did she just want to fuck and fire me? Did she just want to fuck? Did she want to hear all the details of what the 3 of us have done and then fire me; or did she hate my horny guts. Would she make me eat her during her period... then fire me? The last one was a dream I had after I hesitantly agreed to this meeting.

She was wearing a butt hugging black skirt, just above the knee and a tight gray sweater which showed off her erect nipples nicely. She put the bundle of keys on the old counter and told me to "come here, I want to talk to you". Here we go, I said to myself... My heart was pumping blood to all the right places. My dick was getting hard, but somehow I had the feeling I was heading for a trap. I figured this would be a cage I could never get out of without loosing some skin in the process. Why couldn't I just tell her that I've had a change of heart and need to go. I actually turned my head around and looked back at the glass door. What I saw in the reflection was a foot balanced on a can of paint and a skirt pulled back far enough to see her naked butt.

She walked behind the store counter and I followed, like some hard dicked boy toy zombie looking for flesh. Without a word, she stood there is front of me, our lips inches apart, and unzipped my pants then licked my chin, as if to say "attaboy". What the fuck am I doing? This is my gawd damned boss you stupid fuck. Before I could kick myself in the ass, she had my cock in her hand and was guiding it into her pussy.