Wednesday, March 31, 2010

After Dark

I must tell you that this get together was so much more than sex. It was nearly a spiritual experience! We were there for a reunion of the mind body & spirit. The realization that we had never been together after dark was exciting in some kind of childhood fantasy way. Like we were out late playing around and we knew our mother's were calling us to come home.

Our bodies were on fire! Our hearts pounded, not from nervousness, but from the shear thrill & anticipation of the moment. It was like standing atop the bridge and the bungee harness is tied and everyone is counting down... 5...4...3...2...1

It's still hard to believe how easy this was to do. Once our mind caught up with the rest of us, the soul was one... I told you, it was spiritual, but the sex was amazing too. Cumming in her was like renewing a union that had been broken by circumstance and now we had a chance to tap into what really brought us together... Love, a deep ever-lasting love, but also a love which could only go so far.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Times

The moment our bodies came together I was hard. The time that passed seemed like mere moments. Everything about her was immediately recognizable. The way she moaned, and pressed against me, the look of love in her eyes and the delicate lips that waited for mine. It was magic. She groped my butt and reached for my cock. All this within the first 5 minutes of seeing each other again. We were ready to tear of the clothes and consume each other, but I wanted to step back, outside of ourselves to appreciate.

Me: slow down babe, lets sit on the bed and say hi
Nicole: Hi... oh babe, I've been thinking about your tongue, but you're so right. Are you still working out?
Me: yes, but...
Nicole: you're so hard. I want to lick you. I want it all!
Me: I wish I could work out more often
Nicole: you feel so good.
Me: we've got 2 hours to feel good

She laughed, moaned and we kissed some more. We moved to the bed, kicking off our shoes. She unbuttoned the top of her skin tight jeans. I nibbled on her navel, as she pushed my head between her knees. Sniffing near her crotch, hoping to smell her juices, I looked up and whispered, "I love you".

Nicole: ohhh babe
Me: lets get these jeans off

She wasted no time undoing her jeans. I gently tugged them down beyond her wasted, bringing her panties with. I could now tell that she had recently shaved, anticipating my licking her pussy.

Me: you didn't have to do that for me to lick you, you know I love your hairiness
Nicole: I know...I only tried to make it neater
Me: you look delicious

I teased her until she couldn't take it anymore. Licking and touching everything but her clit. She kept moaning her signature "please....oh please lick me".

I wanted to lick her just as much as she wanted me to. We both got our wish after I removed my tongue from as far as it would go in her pussy. Her silky juices rest on my tongue and I slathered those juices around her clit. She arched into me and said "Yes!" We were holding hands while I licked her and throughout. She came sqeezing my head between her thighs and popping the knuckles of my hand.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We Held Hands

I had never seen her wear tight jeans like that before. She always liked the loose fit, the comfy, almost pj jeans. Above the snug fitting denim rest a solid white shirt with tails just below and under a vest. She looked sharp! Her hair had just been cut above the shoulders. I usually like longer hair on a woman, but this had a distinct, almost Hollywood styling. It was bouncy and full of attitude. Not too formal, and close enough to bed-head to be sexy as hell!

We held hands and drew our bodies close. We smiled. I put my hands around her tiny waist and she walked into my body. We kissed. It was like being home again. All the same sparks ignited. I was hard as we walked to the bed. She sat down, but I just wanted to admire her more.

The Hotel was on my way home and only 5 minutes away from her house. I arrived at 5:35, but she wouldn't be there until 6:45. I was over tired from a lack of sleep the night before, so I thought I might take a nap. That never happened. There wasn't a chance in hell I would be able to calm myself down long enough to sleep. It wasn't that I was nervous... OK, maybe a little, but I wasn't nervous for myself. I was nervous for her. I was worried about what she would have to go through to get here. What lies did she have to tell, and what were these lies doing to her. I wondered if she would be able to relax.

She texted me for the room number when she arrived.

Me: 201
Nicole: Come outside

I rode the elevator down to open the door for her and what I saw was not a woman who would have a problem relaxing. I saw my lover who was ready to please and be pleased.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

1 More Time 4 Old Lovers

There is a plan in the works for us to get together again. It's been a long time but we both are looking forward to it. Nicole said she is a little nervous because of all the time that's passed, but I think any nerves we feel initally will be washed away by our bodies knowing exactly what to do.
No pressure. We'll only do what comes naturally, as we did for so many years... Hugs & kisses and maybe some fully clothed spooning. It could also turn into a full out love & fuck session... Playing in each other's juices for a couple of hours.

There is also the possibility that nothing at all will happen. She may not be able to handle the guilt. You know, the marriage. She still has desires and I know her heart and that it's hard for her to deal with. I let her know that I was open to us getting together of course, but I'm not pushing it.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Breaking Away

Believe it, I felt that I had lost something, left something of value behind. It still forces a smile when I think of how much love was much wetness and cum was spilled, swallowed and licked up.


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