Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Book of Lovers

It was never a master plan of mine, but Nicole happens to be the second women in my life with deep religious convictions. The first has nothing to do with my current place of employment, other than we had a long term relationship and we still love each other very much. Both Nicole & Amber know of her, are intimidated by her, but still want to hear about the sex we had. I have been open with them by indulging in long descriptions of what we used to do while one or both of them masturbates.

Among the many books of fiction Nicole often carried; she also carried the Bible. We rarely discussed her beliefs, but it was no secret to myself and our coworkers where she stood. For her to have a lover was beyond comprehension. But even though she held and/or read The Book on her way to the restroom, there was something in the way she carried herself which perked me up in more ways than one. She dripped sensuality with every stride, and I wondered what was hiding under the facade. It wasn't like a nut I had to crack. I do not believe in counting "notches" in my belt. I was genuinely curious what this woman was all about.

There is something about chat which allows for an easier discourse of our inner feelings; especially at work. Before we became physical with each other, we chatted off and on throughout the day. We hadn't started taking lunches together yet, so breaks and her strolls past my cube was our only face time. Chat was used as our private way to be intimate. We learned so much about each other before the topic of sex ever came up, but once it did, there was no stopping us.

I assure you that I am not generally attracted to women with Bibles, but there does seem to be a trend developing here. Although Amber does not carry a Bible around, she is also deeply religious. How is that reconciled? The 3 of us have discussed this superficially, but it has never spoiled or slowed down the genuine passion we have. As an Agnostic, I wonder if I could carry the Bible one moment and bend them both over the next. I don't think so. Somehow they have successfully compartmentalized and it works for them.

The main ingredient to the success of what we do is that we respect each other. We all have both a physical and a mental bond. I believe that since we make love to each other, actually care for one another - we work... at work.

Quick Lick: Park & Cum

She got in the back seat of the car and lifted her skirt to expose her bottom half.
She had already taken off her panties during break. The view was wonderful with her retro-bush of pussy hairs all over. I watched and grabbed myself as she got comfy. She was settling into a low recline, perfectly situated for me to get up close and personal from the front passenger side.
I 45'ed my seat and leaned into her, ending up between her parted legs. The skirt had captured the musky smell and now it was free. The scent of her pussy was filling the car and drawing me closer. I began by licking the exposed cheeks of her ass. My tongue traced up and down her crack; each time getting a little closer to her pussy. Her pussy lips were showing signs of wetness. I could hear her anticipation. Her body moved her clit closer to my mouth. She wanted my swirling tongue now! Foreplay took place via chat and some contact at break., so she was ready. I put a finger in her wetness while gently running my tongue over her clit. I found my way down to her pussy and licked around the edges. Her hips pumped higher and my tongue was over her asshole. I could feel the wetness of her pussy with the tip of my nose.
I then put a finger in her pussy, and made little circles around her hardened clit with my tongue. Her pussy clinched my finger every time I grazed over her clit. She told me not to stop.
This could be fast!
When Amber cums during masturbation, her legs are always together and her body tenses into one big orgasm. When she cums with me between her legs, she grabs her knees and holds them way back; giving me full access.
Sometimes I like following the juices down the crack of her ass and licking them back up, like catching a dripping ice cream cone before it hits your hand. I tongue-tapped around her pussy lips, then inserted my warm tongue as deep into her as I could. My fingers were playing with the outer rim of her asshole, and there were two other fingers on her clit playing the tiny violin.. Early on, she advised me that no one had ever played with her asshole before; now she loved & expected it. She needed to cum, I could feel her about to explode.
My tongue slowly exited her pussy and found its way back to her clit. This was it, she wanted to bring it home!
Her resting hand on my arm turned into a bear claw as she got closer. Her nails dug into me briefly until she jerked her knees back even further. I slowed down the tongue circles and could feel her pussy pulses grabbing my fingers. She came with a deep groan which expanded into a high-pitched bird call. She rode the cum right over my face... up & down. I tried to stay on the spot, but licked whatever. My finger found her asshole and I could feel every pulse she had left.

We still had thirty minutes of lunch; did a drive-thru and went back to work.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Audience at The Stop Sign

Amber comes closer to exhibiting nymphomaniacal tendencies, then any woman I've known. Simply put, she loves to fuck, suck and cum as much as she can stand. For all the men out there who know and understand the constant needs & desires of these women; high five! If you have been pleasantly challenged, much appreciated, and had a woman cum in your face 4 or more times a session; thumbs up! At lunch, Amber would cum on the way to Whole Foods; in the parking lot, and then again riding back to work.

Not blowing my own horn here, not even close, because Amber is a cummer. She has an extra sensitive clit and has actually cum from my caressing her pubic hairs. She had to train me on just how to touch her, because most women require more pressure in that area. I'm a fast learner most of the time, and I got my fingers to calm down and work her lightly. After much practice, it got easy to talk, drive and bring her to multiple orgasms.
Not long ago Amber and I shared a lunch together. We didn't think there would be enough time to actually eat since we both wanted to cum. On a few occasions we pulled that one off... 1 cum for each and lunch; happy day.

This time, I touched her from the moment I started the engine. We sat at a long Stop Light and she told me how much she NEEDED to cum. My fingers gathered her pussy's juices and splashed them around her clit. Just before our last Stop sign, she was close to cumming. I stopped the car and signaled another car to cross. He had the right of way, but he continued to sit there. I could just make out another body on the passenger side and a head leaning forward from the backseat . Just as I took my foot off the break to cross the street, Amber started to cum. I noticed that she did not let the seat down this time. It was only at 45 degrees. The driver who didn't want to cross had been watching her get close, and now that we were in the middle of the intersection, she was cumming! I didn't stop and she came for everyone looking. I kept driving and my fingers kept working.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Amber is really good!

Nicole and I talked in chat and during lunches about Amber, and how this new edition has changed our relationship. Our roles as lovers was going through a transition and we were not sure if any of this would survive. Everything was just a bit more complicated; from who would go to lunch, to who needed some attention. Of course, in the beginning it was very exciting for me, having to "schedule" a session with one or both. I looked forward to each and every option. I agreed to letting them decide who got what and when. I would simply enjoy being with my lovers.

Nicole: you had a big cum at lunch!
me: it wouldn't have been the same without you.
Nicole: I got close myself... you need some ice?
me: I got a water from the snack tray, thanks. I could hear you playing with Betsy. How is she now?
Nicole: wet
me: anything I can do? :P
Nicole: a couple of fingers would feel nice! Amber is really good! I wish I was that coordinated.
me: she is... I'm so lucky because you both are so good in so many different ways!
Nicole: thank you
Nicole: you ready?
me: omw

We met in the slo and I got to play in her wetness. I wanted to bend her over right there. Charlie was awake and I pressed against her thigh, with two fingers in her pussy. Moments like this defined us as lovers. One trying to give the other exactly what they want, and the other getting off by giving. Pleasure was the sum total of both parts.

Our workday was about done. We now had another episode to talk about tomorrow and start the turn ons all over again. It was a sweet cycle of three lovers in constant heat for each other.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our First Threesome Together

We left for the Park on a perfectly sunny day; took Amber's black sports car; a 2-door.

All 3 of us had talked the sexy talk all morning and now we would get to do it all. I was excited because Amber & Nicole told me all I had to do was lean back... lean back and enjoy. We had met in the elevator a few times where we offered nice touches and a few licks, but this was lunch... not just a simple ride on the "slo". Evidently, they had a plan.

Nicole sat behind me in the rear. I wanted to make contact with her, but all I managed to do was touch her leg. That would have to do for now. They laughed at me, saying I was not giving today, to just relax. I tried... but it was hard.

The Park was only 5 minutes away.
The asphalt parking lot sat only 10 yards off the street. The cars driving by were always a concern, but usaully whatever we ended up doing was below the windows. Most people parked and walked the nearby trail, so the majority of cars appeared empty. There were only a couple of cars there that day.

Our favorite spot was open. Amber turned in and left the car running. Cold air blowing on us all. It was in the 70's, but Amber tends to run a little hotter than most. I did what I was told and leaned my seat back. Nicole had moved over and she met me with a kiss, as I went down. Her kisses were juicy and erratic. I never knew what she might do with her lips & tongue. I loved it. Charlie was waking up nicely and Amber started rubbing him through my slacks. HOLY FUCK. this is nice!

Amber is an expert at giving great head. She is the first woman who consistently gets me off solely by sucking my dick. Nicole had never seen her do me and I was a little curious how she might react; seeing just how damn good Amber makes me feel.

Amber unzipped me and I lifted up so she could pull them down. I had boxers on and Charlie tried to stand up. She maneuvered him through the hole and licked around the head. My dick was throbbing from her wetness and Nicole was now kissing me deeply. Her kissing brought me closer to full hardness and Amber took me in her mouth. I sighed into Nicole.

Amber's hand worked up & down on the bottom half of Charlie and her lips worked the rest. She took me in as deep as she could... getting just to the gag-reflex point and then backing off and using her tongue. I lifted my head to see her lips wrapped around me. A beautiful site!

Nicole was touching my chest and watching a hard and throbbing Charlie disappear into Amber's mouth. "Cum for me babe", she said... enjoying the view. She whispered in my ear that she was wet and had been touching herself the entire time.

Amber was moaning with Charlie filling her mouth. She usually did so when she would taste my pre-cum. She knew I was close. I throbbed deep into her mouth and her hand held on tight to the base. Nicole was holding my hand and licking my ear. I asked her to please kiss me. When our lips touched and I could feel her tongue, I squirted. Amber moaned...maybe she was touching also. I couldn't tell.

Nicole kissed me deep as I started a hard and long cum. My head went up and my body shot forward. Her eyes got big and she smiled as I squirted more cum in Amber with every kiss.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday Night Trash: I Can Still Smell You

I'm telling you... I could hear the moisture clapping between her pussy lips as she walked across the wooden floor. She's barefoot and the evening gown flows with the force of air parting her thighs. She glides like a ballerina atop a music box and rest firmly in my arms. We breathe together. Our bodies melt into a closeness always just short of where we want to be. We press into one.
The lights are out and a full moon cast our shadow on the eastern wall. We are drawn to the window where a shimmering lake waits for our arrival. We never did. Instead we remained as one tangled web of passion. Leaning against the window and she into me, we kissed every bit of exposed flesh.

My hands held her breast as I lowered myself to get closer; closer to waking up another sense, by exploring her essence. She sighed as my lips jumped around from thigh to thigh. She then released the gown from the top, signalling that the teasing was over.
The delight of a warm, wet pussy could never be overstated.
By now the moon was climbing higher in the sky and the light around our shadow was going dim. She cried out when I licked her; "oh shit... eat it!"

Next: back to the workplace with "Who said Three's a Crowd?"

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tantric Massage

The Tantric Massage usually starts off with some kind of breathing exercise. While making sure I inhaled through the nose and exhaled through the mouth, I had to visualize different colors. There is a reason for everything in Tantra and I could see myself utilizing some of the techniques, but as a 1st timer; my curiosity ended at the front door. I really wanted to know just how far she would go.

When my head hit the face cradle, a strong scent of eucalyptus oil almost burned my throat. I told her about it and she removed a soaked cloth. Things got a lot better from that point on.

It started off like most massages, on my stomach. Prior to the massage, I read a lot about Tantric, but none of my readings prepared me for my first surprise. She asked me to lift my hips. She then put her hands under me; grabbed Charlie and moved it straight between my legs. The pulses started, deep in the stomach, and seemingly sitting behind the penal shaft! pulse too!

Her technique was great. Not my usual deep tissue massage, but the movements of her hand worked me good. She played my body. She glided over my back, butt and legs, making sure that she gave each side equal attention. Remember Charlie was resting between my legs and now he was growing.

Ahhh…she spent some more time on my butt… thankfully. Some pro massage shops will only touch your butt through the sheets and only if YOU ask. Raise your hand if you feel funny saying, “I like my butt done too…thanks”.

Before rolling over, she made sure Charlie was comfy between my legs, using her teasing fingers. Often that is the hardest part of the massage; moving after being thoroughly relaxed for 30 minutes. Charlie was in an aroused state and I was very curious how the rest of the massage would go.

Now she had full access. She started at my feet and worked her way to my inner thighs. It felt wonderful... how she worked my muscles in a circle ever closer to my "sex", as she called it.
Tantric massage has points of interest starting at your head and working down the center of your body to your sex.

She left my inner thighs after causing some good reactions, and started again on my head. She massaged my temples, and then worked on my chest, forcing the flow downward. I could feel the blood rushing to my "sex". I was completely under her control and Charlie was standing straight up.

I could feel the tension down there, but the rest of me was somewhere else. She grabbed Charlie at the base with one hand and wrapped the other hand around the rest. I think I literally arched my back into her. She slowly brought both hands up, grazing over and clearing Charlie. I tried to relax, while having a train of throbs forcing my hips to arch. She left Charlie and began to work my inner thighs, with deep stokes working high and back down towards my knees.

Charlie was still standing as she repeated that same move with her hands over Charlie three more times! I was thinking... if she did that once more, I was going to cum on her or grab myself and finish. It was an extreme tease… as I waited for that fourth time…

She must have dipped into some heated oil, because my next sensation was her stroking Charlie with a warm & slippery oil coated hand. At that point, I was at full throttle, it felt so nice and hot. I figured she best watch out, because this load was going to be huge. She then reached for a warm towel and cleaned the oil off. A thrilled Charlie relaxed under the warmth. There was another warm towel which she used for the rest of my body. She knew exactly when to stop.

I could not wait to get home to relieve myself and even had thoughts of doing it in the car…but I waited…got home and came on my belly while reclining on the sofa.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

OH MY, it IS soaking wet! I bent over to get a closer look at the chair, or was it to catch a good sniff of her horny.

She dared me… she knew there were experiences I could recall to get her off. YOU USED ME AMBER! Ok, so what, right! We both got off on our different roles in this game of passion. At this point, it was only and all about passion. Passion for Amber, but much more for Nicole... much more of something.

Amber: You said that you would tell me about your Tantric massage, can you?
Me : I will
Amber: can you help me wet my chair?
Me : smile...let me get some actual work done and I’ll tell you all about it. It left me raggin’ for sex!
Amber: smile
Amber: hurry!

NEXT: Tantric Massage

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Elevator

Nicole is so sweet. She is unknowingly sexy, intelligent and full of life. What she saw in me, I can only guess, but from the beginning, we were always honest with each other. That appreciation for the honesty we shared exploded when we talked about our sexual feelings. We always shared our state of sex; last time we masturbated, what turned us on and if we were turned on now. More often than not, we got extremely horny for each other and wanted to show those emerging emotional & sexual connections. Breaks and lunches became our outlet. We often escaped our work duties for 15 minutes of sexual eruptions. We had two elevators to choose from. The first, and nearest to us, was the “regular” and most used. It would zip you up and down at a normal rate. 90% of the time we selected option B, and that was the freight elevator.

This option was agonizingly slow if you were doing the typical chore; but dripping wet with kissing, touching and long hugs if you had other intentions. She wrapped one leg around me and pulled me in closer as we hugged and kissed. I grabbed my favorite butt and squeezed. We could hear the beeps as we passed a floor and disengaged slightly, anticipating that the door would open and some co-worker would find us under passion’s spell. When the threat had passed, she grabbed my hard dick and stroked me through my thin slacks. I unzipped, reached in and set it free for some skin to skin contact. Her touch almost brought me to my knees. At that moment, she could have anything she wanted. My sweet Nicole was doing something neither of us ever imagined doing. Usually there was only time for one of us to get most of the attention, but that day my hand had a mind of its own and found a quick route to her pussy. I wanted to know if she was as wet as she said in chat. My hand got there in a hurry, but slid down her stomach slowly. I did not want to surprise her, because this was all knew to us. We had never done this before. She apologized for not shaving. I kissed her on the neck and slipped into an oasis. She was gushing. I felt wetness before I got to her pussy. I gently circled around her clit and her pelvis arched into my hand. She moaned, still holding onto my dick and squeezing me as my hand maneuvered between her legs. I put one finger in her and we both heard the wetness. We moaned. The elevator was close to our floor, I managed to zip up and her skirt fell down and happily bounced. The door opened.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Workplace Passion

I always noticed her as she walked by. My initial thoughts about her included what I thought to be a bare naked ass under that free flowing skirt. You've heard the saying, "looked like too little pigs fighting", well these pigs were in good shape, but liberated enough to have a rhythm of their own. I sat in a cube that bordered the runway to the restroom. Lucky for me, not too close, but close enough to notice almost everyone who walked by. Nicole always caught my attention; I loved her butt.

That was very early on and she began to stop by my cube (especially if I had food) to say hi and talk about whatever books we happen to be reading. We always had a good laugh. Things didn't start getting warmer until we chatted online, at work, where we revealed ourselves. From "what's your fav color?", to "are you horny?"; and a lot in between.

It wasn't long until we started taking breaks & lunches together, but before any of that, we had sex in our cubes. Nicole got so horny the first time we really talked about sex. She said that her chair was getting awfully wet (more about another chair later) and she was unable to concentrate on her job. I remember telling her that I had already adjusted as well as I could sitting down and how I needed to stand up to do a proper job. When I sat down, she had already put "away" up and was off to the rr. I sat there throbbing with one hand beneath the desk, squeezing the sweet spot. I managed to bring all hands on deck to send her another chat, advising her that she better tell me everything. Hours, I'm kidding...but it sure seemed like it. All the usual girls walking past me didn't matter. My heart was pounding for Nicole.

Finally, she made it back. I wondered if this sweet young lady I've come to know, actually went into the rr, at work, and came. I noticed the time between her words grew longer.

Nicole said: I had a loud cum!

Nicole said: have been trying to catch my breath

I was thinking WOW... this is nice. I was still throbbing thinking of the possibility of her cumming. Now that I knew, oh baby, I just wanted to hold her and feel her passion up against my throbs.