Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Sentimental Appreciation

We all wonder just how long these good times can last. Nothing last forever, and we have discussed this in depth. Maybe that's why we take such full advantage of every moment together. Every time we step in the elevator, a dark corner out of sight, or pull up a chair next to... we sneak a touch, a grab, anything we can get away with. There have been close calls. My finger just exiting a pussy in time before the door opens. Amber or Nicole, just standing up in time and discreetly wiping the extra wetness from their lips. Friends would ride the elevator with us and we would small talk them with a hard dick throbbing and wet pussies pulsing.

All 3 of us wonder just how long these good times can last. We know that they will come to an end, and we hope they will end amicably. Sometimes while sitting in the car at lunch, maybe touching each other, maybe just simply watching a soccer team practice; we discuss how this all happened and what in our lives, our personalities allowed it to be. We discuss our emotional and physical needs as if going down a list of what makes us who we are.

This is much more than sex. This is the ultimate experience of being human. When one allows you inside, really inside, into the soul, and you allow the same... it comes back to a word I've used before... magic. It's that time after sex, when you're laying there in each other's wetness, totally relaxed, discussing your hopes and dreams.

It's called Sexy Good Trash, but it sits atop a foundation of sentimental appreciation with a short term exploration of the mind, body & soul.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Female Bonding - Part II

Nicole stretched her hand out and whispered "hold me". She had run her hands through her hair and laid it all over the pillow under, and around her. Her lips were puckered as she squirmed around under Amber's tongue. I was transfixed on Nicole's face, watching her reactions. Her lips moved independently of each other. At times her entire mouth moved to one side or the other. She would look at me, smile; then her head would move involuntarily up, or to the other side.
Amber was way too busy, with two fingers in her pussy and a flicking tongue, to notice Nicole's subtle calls to me; let alone the fact that those three players had to travel an area of half the bed... as Nicole moved around a lot when she was excited. Whoever licked Nicole had to hold on as she bucked you around for a tasty ride.

Nicole's arm was still extended in my direction. I let go of my hard dick, took 2 steps to the bed and leaned over Nicole for a kiss. It was no accident that her outstretched arm was now between my legs. She gently cuffed my balls and guided me closer. I was letting her breath... kissing around her ear and down to her neck. She was close and based on previous experience, Nicole's hands... close to my balls... while she was cumming... was not an optimal position for me.

That aside, I wanted the full scale of what was going on. I wanted to see Amber eating her as she came, along with Nicole's full body reaction. I went back to my seat, still holding onto a hard dick.

Typical for Nicole, she let out a disappointing sigh, informing me that she was not happy that I left her side. She was still enjoying herself, but she wanted to share it with me. Whatever had been decided earlier in chat just got thrown out the window. I stood up and complied with her lusty request. Her tongue was hanging out the side of her mouth and there was a trail of spit running down her cheek. She wanted to lick Charlie. I climbed on the bed, got on my knees, and hoped that I read her right. I did...she turned her head and I leaned Charlie near her mouth. She put me in her mouth and held me deep
I looked around and Amber was still working on Betsy. She was slowly moving two fingers in and out. Amber's eyes got bigger, as she tilted her head up to see my dick getting sucked. All I could think of was not getting in the way. I wanted them to do what they wanted and only allowed this dick sucking because Nicole so sweetly requested it... and because it feels so damn good! I still wanted to watch... I wanted to see the full scene.

Amber was now using her fast fingers directly on Nicole's clit. This was my chance to step back, because Nicole didn't need my dick in her mouth as she gasp for air. I went back to my seat, now with a very spitty wet Charlie. I stroked hard & fast as I saw and heard Nicole's pre-cum ritual. She grabbed the sheets and contorted her face. She pumped her hips and kicked her legs in the air. I heard a pussy fart and knew the cum was close. Her stomach tightened and elevated...she pushed... Her pelvis arched up and forward into Amber. Amber hung in there, taking her tongue wherever Nicole's pussy & clit went. The audible wetness was now dripping from Amber's nose and chin. Nicole was having a squirt! When I saw all the wetness on Amber, I came on myself, by myself. Nicole's butt was still in the air...still gushing juices and I could see the soaked sheets beneath her.
All of a sudden Nicole brought her legs together and gave a little push back on Amber's head.

Nicole: ok, ok, ok, ohhhh my

Amber smiled and looked over at me... I could see she wanted to rest her head on a dry spot, but there was none in her chest was heaving...there was a string of cum hanging from the head of Charlie...Nicole laid there catching her breath... arms folded over and appearing to hug herself.

Commingling of Female Bodies

OK, it goes without saying that guys love watching two women have sex, or whatever they decide to do. It does not take much to make it thrilling for most guys. For me every time Amber grabs Nicole's butt my dick wants to jump out of my pants.

Like everyone else I have my preferences. For example, it's very nice to see one woman licking the other's pussy, but if you really want to turn up the heat, put those two bodies together and grind those hips like you mean it. True comfort, true caring, true tenderness and the desire to please the other. These ingredients create magic between any two bodies.

But the commingling of female bodies, the wrapping of legs, the tightened butts, the sounds of their wetness and the smacks of their kisses, can be as sweet as any art form.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Female Bonding - Part I

Amber left the door unlocked and we could hear the shower at the far end of the room. The curtains were wide open and a chair was positioned directly in front of the window; creating a shadow of myself on the bed. I silently wondered if they planned to leave this window open. Nicole told me to have a seat, then hurried herself to the bathroom, while putting her hair back. I sat there in silence trying to hear what they were saying. They were giggling like two little girls, then going silent for long periods of time. My imagination took off and Charlie got hard. I pulled the ottoman closer, put my feet up and leaned back in the chair. Every part of me wanted to join whatever they were doing in there. Then the shower stopped…

They came out holding hands and wet from head to toe. I’ve always loved the sight of a wet woman and they knew it! Nicole led Amber to the bed right in front of me, laid down and Amber climbed directly on top. The absolute beauty of their two naked bodies pressed against each other on that bed made me grab myself. After feeling my own throbs, I stood up and took my jeans off to set Charlie free. I wondered if I was capable of just sitting there stroking myself while watching.

Nicole looked over at me and whispered to Amber, “look at that”.

Amber: Stroke it baby!
Nicole: Stroke it slowly.

I didn’t say a word, but my mouth was wide open. Someone could have been standing behind me, looking through the window. I didn't care. I was totally in the moment of their passion.

Amber repositioned on one of Nicole’s thighs. She was resting on her elbows and slowly licking around Nicole’s lips. Their mouths found each other and their heads rotated into a deep & sloppy kiss. Amber began to slowly grind into the thigh between her legs. I could see Nicole’s knee bend up to add some pressure. They both moaned in pleasure as their lips parted and they glared into each other’s eyes. Seeing that made me stroke Charlie even faster. Amber then sat up to rest her hands on Nicole’s breast. She looked over at me and made those familiar sounds she makes before cumming. I had to ask, “Amber, you gonna cum?”; she sat up straight and squeezed her own breast with both hands. I could see her toes curling and she thrust her pelvis into Nicole’s thigh with increased urgency.

Amber: Oh fuck…. Oh fuck, grab my ass!!!
Nicole: cum on fuck me!!!

I could hardly stand it, as Amber shivered and screamed, then fell down on Nicole, still grinding her wet pussy against Nicole's thigh. I wanted to go lick all the juices up, but stayed in my seat and held on to a throbbing Charlie. Amber’s butt tightened as she had more convulsions. She finally let out a big sigh and collapsed further, letting all of her weight rest on Nicole. I released Charlie from my tight grip and said, “damn!”, smiling from ear to ear.

Nicole: did you enjoy that?

Both Amber and I said “yes”.

Me: hell yeah!

Amber giggled, then lifted herself and gave Nicole a sweet after cum kiss. Nicole was moving her entire body, probably wet from the excitement and anticipating her chance for her own cum.

Me: did we forget to bring water?
Amber: yeap! But it’s ok, we have cups.

She slid down Nicole's body and licked over her stomach and landed on Betsy. I always thought that was a funny name for a pussy, but Nicole named her pussy one day after her childhood fav… Betty Boop. Betty... Betsy... It didn’t matter. We all had funny names for our parts.

I went to the bathroom sink and filled the 2 cups with water, leaving one on the nightstand and downing mine before making it back to my front row seat. The action had started without me. I was really hoping for a commercial break or maybe a bathroom run from one or both… but they just kept going.

Me: What did I miss?

No one answered or even looked over. Nicole’s head was tilted back in pleasure and Amber was deep in her pussy.

Nicole: yessss

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What She Said

What's better than watching Nicole & Amber masturbate together? Watching the two of them fuck!

They started in the backseat of the car. I drove as carefully as possible while watching them kiss and fondle each other through my rear view. Nicole told us both in chat this morning that she wanted to show her appreciation for Amber's flexibility and willingness to relax a little, and letting things just happen.

Nicole: It could have ended yesterday lovers. I was not ready for that to happen.
Amber: me either. I care for you dearly. is there anything I can do for YOU today?
Nicole: I was about to ask you the same question! heh we can hug for starters!
Amber: you bet...omw

It was still early, we hadn't even had our first break yet. These ladies were not wasting any time and passion was definitely in the air. They quickly came back and shared what happened...

Me: hey, do tell...
Nicole: wrooor
Me: hehe, ok... so
Nicole: so we had a very yummy hug
Me: and what were your hands doing?
Amber: my hands were around her butt, squeezing
Nicole: I had a finger in Cherie'
Me: oh man, wish I was there.
Nicole: you want to be? you want to see what we were doing?
Me: duh!!! hehe
Amber: you want to see me lick her asshole?
Me: damn, you both came to work horny this morning.
Amber: do you have any plans for us?
Me: not really, have not thought about it. I've been working, but we can all get together at lunch!
Nicole: so glad you thought of that! hehehe
Amber: heheheheh
Me: yeah, me too... you weasels
Nicole: we want to do a 2 hour lunch
Nicole: all of us together.
Amber: we need that.
Me: I agree. the last few days have been tough.
Nicole: Amber & I would like to fuck, you ok with that?
Me: naw, it so pisses me off
Amber: really, why?

There was a long pause, which usually means we got busy with work, but in this case, everyone just waited. Amber was in a strange place, actually thinking there was a chance I was pissed.

Me: come on lovers, you know me better than that.

We all got approved for our 2 hours -Amber, because of her unique job flexibility, would leave about 15 minutes early to secure the room. She would then call me with the room number and Nicole & I would leave at 12.

Me: so you two want to fuck? yes, I love saying that.
Nicole: we have a bet!
Me: what?
Nicole: well, I want her body and she wants mine and we want you to be there!

This is me trying not to be giddy about the entire ordeal...

Me: hehe, ok I'll sit in the chair and watch you get busy. what's this about a bet?
Nicole: we'll let you know.

It was getting close to break, and Nicole and I planned on going nextdoor to get breakfast.

Nicole: are you hard?
Me: lemme see, we have been talking about me watching the two of you fuck each other, and Amber wants to lick your asshole...yeah, it's manbag time again. Let's go...
Nicole: omw

It was always important to wait for that "OnMyWay". If I left too early, I might end up standing there in front of the slo by myself or with someone else, in which case, I would be forced to ride down for appearances sake. By the time I got back up, we would have lost a good 5 minutes of smooches.

This time, we only hugged and kissed in the elevator. Nicole whispered how excited she was to have some one on one time with Amber. She was really starting to like Amber, and the added dimension she brought to us. After the talk and the agreement in the restaurant, I think Nicole really empathized with her and wanted to show her just how welcome she was. I thought it was sweet. Nicole told me as we exited the elevator that lunch was her idea today, and Amber said the thought of it made her instantly wet with excitement.

We walked down a long hallway, with conference rooms on one side and the cafeteria on the other. Instead of making a right turn to our morning snack, I guided Nicole to the left. We quickly entered a large dark conference room and I slowly backed Nicole into the center table with 15-20 chairs around it. She moved the chair, and did a slight hop onto the conference table. We both lifted the skirt at the same time and I went down on her already gushing pussy. Meetings like this left no time for foreplay...our foreplay consisted of everything we had talked about earlier in chat. I was hard and she was wet; and the table was at a perfect height for me to easily slip Charlie in, but THAT risk was a little too much for us... so far.

We got our food and hurried back. This time we used the fast elevator, because of the extra conference room time we had.

Amber: if anyone wants to tell me what happened... I would love to hear.
Me: can you wait until lunch, I'll tell you then.
Nicole: wroooor
Amber: what she said!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Agreement

Yes, we talked. All 3 of us sat in a local restaurant together, hardly eating and trying to work this out. It became clear, before we were served the meals we would never finish, that each of us had our gripes. Nicole admitted to feeling resentment towards both Amber & I, because she too missed the simpler times of her & I doing what we wanted when we wanted. Amber, on the other hand, said she felt left out and was jealous of Nicole getting more than my sexual attention. She believes that Nicole loves me and I must feel the same way.

On top of all that, Nicole is very envious of Amber's sexual abilities, which I've touched on in a couple of previous post. For some reason, before Amber joined us, I rarely came when Nicole gave head. She would have to resort to a handjob, letting the head of Charlie rest on her tongue as I released. I had no complaints, to be sure, but Nicole noticed the change while sitting in the backseat of the car. She watched Amber work me over with her talented lips, tongue & hand; taking me deep in her mouth and squeezing me as every bit of cum drained and coated her throat. Not a drop was ever lost. Whether it was me thinking of Amber during, or Nicole simply learning from watching Amber is debatable; but my guess is that it's a good combo of both. Nicole found some coordination, which she freely admits is not her strong suit, and all I had to do is think of cumming in Amber...yet again. I was now cumming in Nicole's mouth on a regular basis without a problem.

Before we left our half eaten food, I suggested to the two of them, that I would decide exactly what would take place on any given day, break, lunch or whatever. To my pleasant surprise, they both seemed relieved that the burden of deciding was not on their shoulders. I understood that... because now I was the one in charge of this delicate balancing act. I admitted to Amber that equal time would be very difficult because of the time Nicole and I had already spent and the bond we currently had. For her to expect the same kind of "attention" is unrealistic and if she was not willing to except that, then this could not continue. Without hesitation, Amber agreed and said "something is better than nothing at all, and I will try to relax a bit more than I have been."

This was a breakthrough! The leftover food on our plate looked good, smelled good, but nothing was as good as hearing those words from Amber. We left our food and a tip; then walked out as one.

There was plenty of time to ride the slo today; in fact we were a little early. Once we stepped in the elevator - without any warning - Amber grabbed Nicole, drew her close and kissed her with the deepest and most passionate kiss I had ever seen between two women.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time For a Change

Things were definitely simpler when it was just Nicole and I. Now that we have Amber in our little love nest, all the simple acts have become much more complicated.

I took Nicole to lunch Friday; she wanted to be fingered. She almost demanded that I finger her… almost. Nicole’s demands sound more like a question, as in “fuck me?” She had not cum for 2 full days, and for each of us that’s a long time. We drove to our favorite park and found our spot empty. It’s at the end of the lot, and furthest from the road. Not far away is a walking trail… thankfully too far away to see deep inside the car.

Nicole had a quick cum and then leaned over to give me head. After our cums, and a few kind words of appreciation, we stopped at Starbucks. We made it back to work with only a few minutes to spare. As we walked through the parking lot, Amber made a frantic call on my cell.

Amber: did you both cum?
Me: yes, we’re ready for a nap.
Amber: I want to taste you?
Me: Amber, look at the time, I need to ride the fast elevator this time. If I ride the slo, I may be late.
Amber: I’ve been sitting here thinking about you two… went to the restroom and inserted. I want to taste you so bad… please?
Me: [sigh]…ok, I’ll meet you at the slo.

At that moment, I resented the fact that she didn’t seem to care if I was late or not. Up to this point, I’ve let them both have complete control of my time within reason. It has been up to the two of them to decide who would do breaks, lunch and sneak-away slo elevator rides. There is most definitely something in me that enjoys their demands; their control. They are always respectful and considerate of my feelings, but last Friday I didn’t get that feeling at all from Amber. She was in no condition to be reasoned with.

Nicole: what’s up?
Me: Amber wants to lick Charlie.
Nicole: see you in chat.

Amber had already taken the elevator and was waiting for me in the backdoor lobby. We waited… I could tell she was in a sexual rage and could not wait for the door to open. She was already breathing hard. Her chest was rising and falling with every sigh. It was a look I had never seen before – almost upset – unsettled, and on the verge of exploding if she didn’t get what she wanted. On one level, I was excited for her, but on another, it made me wonder about her. Where was this coming from? What the hell have Nicole and I gotten ourselves into?

Amber: damnit, come on… we better be alone! Are you wearing underwear?
Me: yes, jockey. Are you ok?
Amber: I’m just fucking horny!

Jockey’s are harder to work with, because Charlie had to be threaded through the pee hole and that took more time. Even on the “slo” elevator, we have to stay aware and move fast if we want to get it all done without incident. We usually plan every detail before stepping on board… usually. Sometimes the passion takes over and we try to do a little bit of everything. It tends to be a rather reckless attack on each other, which ends suddenly when we hear the last elevator ding.

Me: no worries, I’ll get it out.

There are security cameras on the lobby of all elevators and we were having the hardest time not touching each other. The elevator dinged and she rushed on, held the door open for me and pushed the button. The door had a couple of inches before closing when she went for my zipper. She was still breathing frantically and already on one knee anticipating the release of Charlie. I dug into the open zipper and brought out a semi-hard and still damp dick. She inhaled deeply with her nose against my crouch, trying to pick up any scent I had left. Time was of the essence, as the first floor ding rang louder then it needed to. She took all of me in her mouth and made a humming noise. The heat of her breath was a safe and cozy place to be; like a warm blanket on a chilly night. I could feel some weak pulses as she cleaned up the cum left behind by Nicole. Given her excitement; her technique and a few more floors, I could have cum again.

Amber: I felt that!

We were getting closer to our floor and the time was near for me to zip up. Amber stood and we had a quick hug before the finale ding.

Amber: thank you.
Me: that was nice.

We went back to our cubes and Amber demanded that Nicole and I describe exactly what happened at lunch in chat. This is typical of Amber. She wants to know every detail and lots of them. It would never be enough to say, “I touched her and she came, then she touched me and I came”. She wants a book.

Of course, Amber was even hornier after the elevator ride. She asked if I could ride to the park with her after work. Something we have done a few times, but on this Friday, I did not have that option. I had other obligations.

Amber: I’m so wet and horny right now thinking about you two!
Nicole: you going to cum when you get home?
Amber: Darling, I’m not going to make it that long.
Me: heh
Amber: brb
Me: where u goin’
Amber: rr

Our Sex

The pure beauty of our sex
And the alignment of our parts are only secondary
We love our sex, our expressive release out and onto

We enter into our sex
To offer our hearts, our souls, our delicate being
We love not only our sex, but love’s bridge into

Into our deepest hearts,
Where confessions rest freely, and sex is a pilot
Where confessions rest easily, into a sacred safety

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


In a previous post, I mentioned that Amber & Nicole love hearing me tell stories from my past while they touch themselves. I did that yesterday and they both had riveting orgasms. Of course, it’s also exciting for me to watch them, but I do more than just watch. I make mental notes. You can learn so much by watching an uninhibited woman touch herself.

As the body relaxes into a zen-ful state, the magic show begins. Bottom limbs spread and ten digits touch to tingle. The sparks are subtle with sporadic flexes and tender exhales. Her touch excites her. Her eyes are looking up at nothing, but with a gaze of wonder. She knows where this is going; has been there many a time… has touched the sky beyond her walls and tiptoed atop the clouds.

Listen closely and you can hear her ocean; the waters being stirred by active fingers. She takes a dip deep inside, then taste the human nectar. Her opposite hand now rest in the valley of wetness, caressing the lips and tickling the pearl. It’s hard now and the synapses are firing with every touch. She pants away the finger from her mouth, removing the nectar, but not the wetness.

With two fingers inside herself and two fingers wrapped around her nipple; the tide rises and one can see the leakage spill from her vagina. The cloudy juices build upon itself with every pulse. Her exhales are louder and her toes begin to curl. She’s driving past relaxation and headed towards eruption. The head arches back then springs forward, and she giggles to herself. The turn is fast and her face changes to a painful delight. The speed increases as she nears a hill; accelerating her piston-like fingers in and out, in and out.

This is how she’ll do it this time. This is how she’ll cum. She’ll pull back the hood and work the clit from side to side. It excites her to feel her pussy clutching her fingers. Her body is now a wave from head to toe, convulsing synchronously into her swelling ocean. With her eyes rolling, face contorting, and the tide building; she rides downhill… downhill and up again… pumping herself… loving herself to orgasm.