Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Dance of Open Hearts

I wish I could sleep between her legs
waking up to her scent and licking again

I wish I could rest my tongue inside
feeling her heart beat, catching a ride

We wish we could become one
pushing to the limits of our body

And we wish to safely burrow into
into every window of our soul

If ever lost forever
the soul will always recall

The body will also remember
the smell, the taste, the dance hall

The dance of our bodies always linked together
like drips of wetness from part to parts

in the dance of open hearts

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fingers & Tongues: Their Secret

I never wanted Nicole or Amber to feel as if they had to get together; but at the same time I didn't try to hide my fantasy of the two of them doing it over and over again. Up to this point they've played with each other in the car, and made love in a hotel. They've given each other cums with fingers and tongues, and they have had their alone time to explore each other without my presence.

When I found out they spent another 2 hours together after work, I was both perplexed and turned on. On the one hand, I wondered why it had to be a secret; the other hand was holding Charlie.

Me: 'smirk' talk to me lovers

Nicole: it was not that we were hiding it from you.

Amber: nope

Nicole: it was more like a little game we were playing.

Me: ok

Amber: it was our secret and you know what, it was more exciting that way!

Nicole: wroorr yeap, and we had fun keeping it from you too!

Amber: hehe do you want the juicy details or not?

So they are playing with me and it's ok. I still think they should have been more open with their intentions, but I understand what they were up to, and if it turned them on even more... if the intensity of their orgasm was stronger & longer... then more power to them.

I got off on the visual for two days straight and if I think about it too much while writing this post, I'll have to again. So thanks to Amber & Nicole for spending their secret time together... for sharing some of the titillating details, like having a double dildo inserted while talking about everyone at work that turns them on. When they told me that, I figured there was at least one glass of wine involved... there was. And thanks for letting me know there is a bruise on Amber's thigh from being over-humped by Nicole and cum on twice. That bruise was confirmed just yesterday at lunch. It looked like a pussy's skid mark to me. My dick shot up so fast & hard that Amber had to work at getting her lips around the bouncy throbs. I came in record time imagining Nicole's elated grinding!

Nicole: it reminded me of riding a horse! hehe you're next Max!

Me: oh happy day... tell me when and where

and ever since the "...change" I thought I was in control! HA

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Simple Fantasy

Along the lines of my previous post... I've had this fantasy of sneaking into the girls dorm to visit someone. During this visit, we have a few drinks and the subject of cunnilingus comes up. Somehow word spreads that we are talking about oral sex and my friend & I notice that there are several pieces of paper beginning to accumulate under the door. She gathers them up, spreads them on the table and all we see are dorm numbers. Every piece of paper had a dorm number on it! Everyone on her floor!

She looks at me and says, "this is your lucky day!". We precede to knock on every dorm door. when the door is open, we flash them the corresponding number, I go in and lick her pussy until she cums. We knock on 25 doors and it takes a little over 3 hours!
I'm not even sure if I pull that off in life, but that's why we call them fantasies.

Amber's Personal Pussy Licker... Always Available, Always Willing

Sometimes Amber will walk into the elevator with no panties, pull up her skirt and bend over for me to do whatever. On this day, she made sure to let me know she wanted and needed to be licked... She told me she had been thinking about it so much that she left another wet spot on her office chair, which is becoming a common occurrence.

Amber: don't let me forget to push my chair under my desk before we leave! If someone sees this, they may think I peed. I've been playing with myself while thinking of you licking me. Are you horny?

Me: I'm getting there, but this is for you... I want to be your pussy licker today!

Amber: wrooor!!! I may have to start wearing panties again. I just pulsed when you said that and gushed some more. Touching now
Me: putting a finger in? Is anyone else around?

Amber: yes, I just inserted. hehe I acted like I was scratching my nose and tasted it! There's only one other person in my area and she can't really see me unless she stands up.

Me: since I'll be tasting it soon, how was it?

Amber: now putting pressure on my clit. damn that feel so good! btw, I put my sweater under me. I'm kind of slumped in my chair now.

Me: if you keep this up, you'll end up doing what Amanda did when she worked here!

Amber: still touching. what's that?

Me: you don't remember me telling you about her?

Amber: only that she was a freak.

Me: yes she was!

Amber: someone just walked by on the way to the vending machine. I had to sit up.

Me: careful!

Amber: I just watched him bend over to get his bag of something. Not bad! ok, he's gone. I need to insert again after seeing his nice butt.

Me: who was it?

Amber: I don't know him, but I know his butt a lot better now! Guess what?

Me: What?

Amber: I'm still wet! heh

Me: lucky for us, you usually are.

Amber: tru tru hey, what were saying about Amanda?

Me: oh... she told our Sup she wasn't feeling well and then laid her head on the desk. I sat across from her, if you remember, but faced the other way. Well, her chair squeaked just a little and you could hear it when no one was talking. About 15 minutes later, the squeaks were turning into a slow beat. I turned around to take a look, not thinking much of it, and noticed that her right hand was between her legs and her elbow was moving slowly. Her head seemed still, but what gave it away for me was her left hand... It had a white knuckle grip over the side of her cube. She would release the grip only to re-apply it more firmly. I couldn't see her right-hand or forearm anymore, but her elbow movement was getting faster and I knew she was doing more than just scratching her inner thigh!

Amber: did she cum right there at her cube!

Me: yeap, and then got up and went to the ladies room. When she got back, she told me in chat.

Amber: she was strange. why did she tell you? didn't she send you pics of her clit piercing?

Me: I don't know, guess she was bragging

Amber: you don't have to worry about me cumming at my desk. I would rather cum in your face!

Me: ditto

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cold Morning In The Park

The windows were already fogging up and all Amber did was start stroking my cock. I got hard in a quick minute and asked if she would put her mouth on me. As she started leaning over to the passenger side, Charlie began its rhythmic contractions in anticipation. The warmth of her breath surrounding my cock was enough to awaken 4 days worth of cum. The dexterity of her overworked tongue tickled all the right places. She went down as far as she could, then came up and without swallowing; let the spit drip over the head.
Her free hand was already pulling down her elastic pants. By the time I opened my eyes, she was half undressed and climbing between the seats to lay down in the back. She pulled her blouse and grabbed her breast, as if to keep them warm. My pants were already at my ankles. I turned left, went over the hump, and rested between her thighs. My cock found its way into her pussy without a touch and we kissed.
It was still dark out, but we only had 20 minutes before having to be at work. We could have laid there... me in her, talking, kissing and caressing for twice as long as we had. That's what we wanted... time... more time to just be with each other and slowly build to a place we knew existed, but had only reached a few times. I promised Amber that we would take a 2 hour lunch sometime soon, so we could do just that. Her pussy and arms followed suit as they both held me tight.

After a quick butt-kiss, I got up on my arms and withdrew Charlie from her pussy until the tip could feel the cold air. She crossed her legs and tried to force me back in, but I controlled the entry and slowly re-gifted her every inch I took away. I looked around to make sure no other cars had entered our park. The only sounds were a few tree branches being blown together in a cold wind. Amber and I were still protected by darkness. We kissed deeply and she rocked her hips into me. My strokes were short, staying deep inside her. The cold air was not felt again by Charlie until after we both came. Once again, we wanted to preserve the moment; sharing all the pulses and throbs and completely letting my cock drain itself into her. "I want it all", she said, "I want it all".

We got dressed and made it to work with only minutes to spare. Our bodies were satisfied, but our hearts were longing.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cold, Hard Fucking

We met in the darkness of a cold early morning. Although we were wearing heavy coats and gloves, our internal heat was fueled by a long holiday weekend of lusting for each other. After family, turkey and pumpkin pie, we were ready to get down and dirty, and we didn't want to wait for a break or lunch.

Arriving at work an hour early was typical for Amber, but I had to work at it. On this day, the motivating factors were easy to imagine... primarily the submersible warmth of her pussy.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Shooting Blanks

I don't remember exactly how old I was; only that I was in elementary school and not yet 10. It was time to play soccer during P.E. I had nothing against soccer. When you're a kid just running around is great fun - then throw in the added bennies of actually kicking a ball into a net! Hell Yeah! Well, the fun ended when some clumsy kid aimed for the rolling ball, missed and kicked me square in the nuts. I could have sworn that those two tender morsels were going to explode through my eyeballs! I only remember rolling around on the ground. I also remember never... ever playing that game again.

I had a couple of sexual experiences in middle school, but my sexuality exploded in High School. I was very picky. I didn't choose to explode in just any girl with a short skirt or big boobs. There had to be more going on for her than that, and we had to click. Ok, so there was this one time I took a girl to the prom (my 2nd) and we danced once, then screwed the night away in her Dad's car! Her exact name escapes me. My point is that there were plenty of very "good friends" in H.S.

There were also plenty accidents, omissions and "let's just fuck"; and never a pregnant High School girl. Never a pregnant sorority girl or anyone else... nothing... nada. It's been ok. It's always been ok with me. If we have a child... great; if we don't... great. Really, it's as simple as that.
So when Nicole missed the usually timely arrival of Ms. Flo, I was concerned, but not overly so. I was much more concerned about her emotional state than I was about the real possibility of her being pregnant. I have not been checked (yes, I know I should be... for the few who wanted a child), but I have always believed that I'm shooting big, fat & hot blanks.

Today we were informed by Nicole that there is nothing to worry or be concerned about. She was not feeling well and just before lunch she went home for the day. Flo has made her not so pleasant presence known.