Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Proud Nicole Does Amber

I wondered just how Nicole would do Amber at lunch. I also thought there was a possibility that they would have a sit down meal, then give me a "story"; but I know Amber better than that. If Nicole didn't help, Amber would take matters into her own hands. It's happened before. There have been times while driving in heavy traffic, she would simply start without me. A couple of those times, she also finished! So, I have no doubts that if she needed to cum, she was going to do so no matter what.

Nicole is the "people pleaser". She desires to leave everyone with a smile. Not a bad trait at all, but it did allow room for doubts; at least in my mind. Sometimes I thought she only wanted to know how I felt, so she could decide what to give me or how to act. Again, not totally a bad thing, but I always tend to dig a little in order to find out how SHE really feels and what SHE really wants: "give to me because you want to, not just because you think I want". Well, it turns out, she really wanted to make Amber cum. I mean, she is one proud puppy that Amber had 2 cums under the wiggle of her fingers. The following is a slice of our chat after lunch...

Nicole: you want to smell my fingers before I wash 'em
Me: I'm surprised you waited this long! you bet!
Nicole: well, I wanted to enjoy it a little  hehe
Amber: she didn't stop!
Me: ?
Amber: after I came the first time, she never stopped. she put a finger in me and rubbed me until I came again!
Me: wow nicole, you go girl! hehe
Nicole: I didn't know, so I kept going. did I scratch you?
Amber: oh no, I'm still pulsing, it felt so good thank you
Me: as nicole would say... wrooor
Nicole: you want a hug?
Amber: omw
Me: hey!!!

Shit, it all sounded so good and I wanted to sniff that finger of Nicole's, but... This was like their afterglow. They needed that hug. 

I still had plenty of work to do, and it got really hard to get back into after hearing about their lunch.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We might be the equivilent to the "showmances" on some reality TV shows like Big Brother. They get in that house, hook-up and before long it's another showmance. They all expect it to go on outside the house, but usually things change.  Are we a "workmance"? If we were in the "real world" would things cool off? 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Elevator Fuck?

Yet another meeting in the elevator for Amber and myself. She was wearing another one of my favorite outfits that day. I tight blouse, which showed off her perky breast and a skirt about as short as she can get away with in this corporate environment. She started the day horny, and long before our morning break, she had already requested two fingers deep inside her. 

For the rest of the morning Nicole and I read the pulse & throb inducing words of Amber recapping a dream she woke up to. The dream involved her getting laid by some hunky guys at a beach. Evidently it was something like a pig roast and she was the pig. Anyway, she said retelling it was sending her over the edge. I was afraid she might be tempted to masturbate in the bathroom!

Amber: brb
Me: where you going?
Amber: rr
Me: don't you dare lady, I want some of that! 
Amber: don't worry, just going to pee

It was almost break, and I had to stand up to adjust a seemingly tangled Charlie. By the time I sat down there was another message from Amber.

Amber: can you meet me on the slo please?
Nicole: did you play a little in there?
Amber: Yes I did, but I didn't cum. Max, are you going to meet me in the slo? Now?
Me: meet me on 3
Amber: omw

and we were on our way... Since Amber was on the 2nd floor, she would catch the slo and ride to 3. All I had to do was take my time and the door would be opening as I got there. Typically, we liked to go "off-hour" so we didn't run into other breakers.  I rounded the corner just as the door was opening and could swear I saw the front of her skirt bounce once from a fall.  The fact that she appeared startled told me that she had started without me.  We smiled at each other as the door closed behind me. I casually grabbed her right "business" hand and brought it up for a sniff.  "smells like Cherie' to me", I said.  She felt a hard Charlie and asked me to unzip. Before I was able to get him out, she had turned her back to me, bent over and the bottom of her skirt was on her back.  She used both hands to spread her cheeks apart and I slipped into her natural wetness with ease.  I thought, this is freakin' unbelievable! We are at work, in the freight elevator, going from the 3rd floor to the 1st.... fucking! or are we? How many strokes constitute a fuck? Only 1 stroke  could be called a poke; so maybe anything more than 1 is a fuck. Is just being in her a fuck? Well, I didn't count, but we managed to get enough in & out action to make it very hard to stop. So fucking very hard to stop, but we had to. We got past the 2nd floor ding, but the next ding could be a disaster. After the second floor, I grabbed her hips and brought her closer to me. I could feel her PC muscles working overtime. 

Charlie was standing proud, as I quickly slammed him back in my pants.  "A couple more floors and we would have had a mess!", I told her.  She laughed and we both stepped out quietly talking about what just happened.  She blushed, "we just fucked in the elevator!" Yeah, I think that's what we did.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Little About Us

First, let me thank the new subscribers to SGT and the increase in hits. It's nice to know someone out there is interested, curious, disgusted, turned on, turned off or simply just like to see what pics are posted. Whatever the case, it's all good and appreciated. Since there have been several new visitors lately, I thought I would give everyone a little more info about who we are.

All the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent, but everything you read and see here is real & true. I don't always post right after the good stuff, but I try to get to it as soon as I can. Sometimes Twitter may contain the most up to date Good Trash or at least the plans for the next time we'll be together. I need to get better at that, but I do what I can.

Simply put, I'm a guy who works with a lot of wonderful women; two of which became my lovers over time. Nicole was the first... and we have always enjoyed our time together. Bringing someone else into our love nest never, I mean never crossed our minds. We worked our 8 hours, enjoyed our breaks, lunches and sometimes spent even more time after work in a nice bed. Wherever we were, it was always a hot time. The chemistry was there from the beginning. This went on for almost 2 years before Amber came along. We both knew Amber. We saw her as the typical corporate go-getter... and she was very much all business.  

Amber surprised me one Friday after work by giving me a call. I had no idea how she got my number, but it was cool because she was someone I had a great deal of respect for. That night she was on the verge of tears... explaining to me how she was cruelly challenged by a male subordinate who didn't like having a female boss. I listened and basically let her get it off her chest. To make a rather long story shorter, we ended up in my car the following Monday to further discuss what had become a very traumatic event for her. There was no physical contact that day, although now she admits to having a completely soaked pussy and wanting me to touch her somewhere, anywhere.

I guess I saw it in her eyes, because I thought maybe there was something else going on with her. She had no idea Nicole & I were lovers! For the rest of the week, we chatted, by Friday, it was a 3 way chat. 

The next week, the juices went flying! We were all over each other, and I decided to blog about it! Nicole & Amber are very much aware of this blog, as a matter of fact, they are co-authors and subscribers! If you've been following us for awhile, you are probably aware that neither has had a post or comment yet... yet.

I hope I've helped to fill in a few of the blanks. If there are any questions which I can actually answer, I would be glad to post the answers here for all to see.  

and by the way... we rarely discuss this blog and if we do, it's a short conversation. Our times together are very precious and we spend it following the passion.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This morning was very sad  and I really didn't feel like writing about any Sexy Good Trash... BUT after the TVs were turned off and the replay of 9/11 wasn't ringing in our ears, hearts and minds; all 3 of us decided that we had paid our respects for the first half of the day, and the second half would be dedicated to getting back to business! 
The weather even cooperated... it was cloudy this morning and looked like it might rain, but by lunch, the clouds were scattered and the sun was making today's debut. Things perked up when we left the building and drove off; having no idea where we were going or what we would do once we got there. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Top Ten Best Feelings of Our Sexy Good Trash!

10: seeing the words "I'm so wet, my chair is soaked" in early morning chat!

  9: taking a quick "break" before break, to insert fingers in two wet pussies!

  8: being ordered to the slo because Amber must have a taste of Charlie!

  7: Nicole & I having what appears to be a business conversation while her hands are under my desk rubbing my throbbing cock!

  6: Lifting Amber against the elevator wall and holding her at face level while eating her moist pussy and doing circles around her clit!

  5: Driving with my right hand buried between Nicole's legs!

  4: A full body hug and kiss with Nicole!

  3: Amber & Nicole's naked bodies in front of me; legs spread, dripping wet 
       and anxiously waiting for me to lick!

  2: From start to finish, getting the best head I've ever had from Amber
       while kissing Nicole!

      and the #1 best feeling of our Sexy Good Trash is being buried deep 
      inside the lush warmth of Nicole's pussy and watching Amber masturbate 
      next to us.

NOTE: These are my Top Ten only. I am forever working on getting a Top Ten contribution from both Amber & Nicole. We shall see...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Saw You Touch

I saw you slobber just before I entered
You sucked to bring me deeper and swallowed
Pounding hearts of rage being delivered
I saw you touch

The heat of sighs surrounded my hard
The workman tongue so tickled my helmet
How I told you it was my sweetest part
I saw you touch

I jump around from cheek to cheek
You gag me deeper then tease again
I see you touch and watch your jumps
I see the spit drip from your chin

You get so near my hard sits still
Tightly held with your lips around
I saw you touch and cum so good
My squirts are near and back-throat bound

I saw you slobber just before I came
You sucked to bring me deeper and swallowed
Pounding hearts of rage being delivered
All because I saw you touch

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Slo Day...

Today felt too much like Monday. Everything was in slow motion. People walked slower, talked slower and none of our coworkers wanted to be there.  Nicole was having a baaad hair day and only wanted to hide out at her cube. Before lunch, we hardly chatted. After Amber delivered Chipoltle, we all got a bit more animated... probably because half of a dreadful day was gone. We discussed work and what was going on with our closest cube mates. 

In the middle of that conversation, I got a call from Amber... she's in the echo filled bathroom touching herself. 

Me: what brought this on...we didn't say a word about sex?
Amber: I know, but I just saw "telco guy"!

Telco Guy manages the company phones. At any moment,  he might be crawling under your cube for one reason or another and showing half his little ass to you.  I had no interest, but Amber loved looking at him and fantasizing. He's the type of guy who walks by a window trying to find his own fineness in the reflection. An 80's throwback hipster, with his shirt collar turned up, and jet black hair hanging just long enough to be a rebel.  He's the same guy who works out not for any health benefit, but solely for the looks he gets from himself and others. 

Me: ohhh... did he pulse you with his presence? heh
Amber: yes
Me: did you touch yourself when you saw him?
Amber: I crossed my legs and went to swingtown! He has those tight tight slacks on again!
Me: the black ones?
Amber: and his shirt was half unbuttoned

Oh yeah, almost forgot... he looks way too young to remember John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, but he sure has the style down to a T.

Amber: he was working on Melodie's phone and I started soaking my chair. I wanted you to dip me, but you didn't seem too interested today.
Me: you should have asked?
Amber: I'm going to cum...

Her cum consisted of some very heavy breathing, as she was trying not to be loud. Her voice shuddered as she touched her clit one more time. I wanted to say something nasty, but at that moment I needed to keep my business hat on. 

Me: Thank you, you have a good day!