Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Dance of Open Hearts

I wish I could sleep between her legs
waking up to her scent and licking again

I wish I could rest my tongue inside
feeling her heart beat, catching a ride

We wish we could become one
pushing to the limits of our body

And we wish to safely burrow into
into every window of our soul

If ever lost forever
the soul will always recall

The body will also remember
the smell, the taste, the dance hall

The dance of our bodies always linked together
like drips of wetness from part to parts

in the dance of open hearts

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fingers & Tongues: Their Secret

I never wanted Nicole or Amber to feel as if they had to get together; but at the same time I didn't try to hide my fantasy of the two of them doing it over and over again. Up to this point they've played with each other in the car, and made love in a hotel. They've given each other cums with fingers and tongues, and they have had their alone time to explore each other without my presence.

When I found out they spent another 2 hours together after work, I was both perplexed and turned on. On the one hand, I wondered why it had to be a secret; the other hand was holding Charlie.

Me: 'smirk' talk to me lovers

Nicole: it was not that we were hiding it from you.

Amber: nope

Nicole: it was more like a little game we were playing.

Me: ok

Amber: it was our secret and you know what, it was more exciting that way!

Nicole: wroorr yeap, and we had fun keeping it from you too!

Amber: hehe do you want the juicy details or not?

So they are playing with me and it's ok. I still think they should have been more open with their intentions, but I understand what they were up to, and if it turned them on even more... if the intensity of their orgasm was stronger & longer... then more power to them.

I got off on the visual for two days straight and if I think about it too much while writing this post, I'll have to again. So thanks to Amber & Nicole for spending their secret time together... for sharing some of the titillating details, like having a double dildo inserted while talking about everyone at work that turns them on. When they told me that, I figured there was at least one glass of wine involved... there was. And thanks for letting me know there is a bruise on Amber's thigh from being over-humped by Nicole and cum on twice. That bruise was confirmed just yesterday at lunch. It looked like a pussy's skid mark to me. My dick shot up so fast & hard that Amber had to work at getting her lips around the bouncy throbs. I came in record time imagining Nicole's elated grinding!

Nicole: it reminded me of riding a horse! hehe you're next Max!

Me: oh happy day... tell me when and where

and ever since the "...change" I thought I was in control! HA

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Simple Fantasy

Along the lines of my previous post... I've had this fantasy of sneaking into the girls dorm to visit someone. During this visit, we have a few drinks and the subject of cunnilingus comes up. Somehow word spreads that we are talking about oral sex and my friend & I notice that there are several pieces of paper beginning to accumulate under the door. She gathers them up, spreads them on the table and all we see are dorm numbers. Every piece of paper had a dorm number on it! Everyone on her floor!

She looks at me and says, "this is your lucky day!". We precede to knock on every dorm door. when the door is open, we flash them the corresponding number, I go in and lick her pussy until she cums. We knock on 25 doors and it takes a little over 3 hours!
I'm not even sure if I pull that off in life, but that's why we call them fantasies.

Amber's Personal Pussy Licker... Always Available, Always Willing

Sometimes Amber will walk into the elevator with no panties, pull up her skirt and bend over for me to do whatever. On this day, she made sure to let me know she wanted and needed to be licked... She told me she had been thinking about it so much that she left another wet spot on her office chair, which is becoming a common occurrence.

Amber: don't let me forget to push my chair under my desk before we leave! If someone sees this, they may think I peed. I've been playing with myself while thinking of you licking me. Are you horny?

Me: I'm getting there, but this is for you... I want to be your pussy licker today!

Amber: wrooor!!! I may have to start wearing panties again. I just pulsed when you said that and gushed some more. Touching now
Me: putting a finger in? Is anyone else around?

Amber: yes, I just inserted. hehe I acted like I was scratching my nose and tasted it! There's only one other person in my area and she can't really see me unless she stands up.

Me: since I'll be tasting it soon, how was it?

Amber: now putting pressure on my clit. damn that feel so good! btw, I put my sweater under me. I'm kind of slumped in my chair now.

Me: if you keep this up, you'll end up doing what Amanda did when she worked here!

Amber: still touching. what's that?

Me: you don't remember me telling you about her?

Amber: only that she was a freak.

Me: yes she was!

Amber: someone just walked by on the way to the vending machine. I had to sit up.

Me: careful!

Amber: I just watched him bend over to get his bag of something. Not bad! ok, he's gone. I need to insert again after seeing his nice butt.

Me: who was it?

Amber: I don't know him, but I know his butt a lot better now! Guess what?

Me: What?

Amber: I'm still wet! heh

Me: lucky for us, you usually are.

Amber: tru tru hey, what were saying about Amanda?

Me: oh... she told our Sup she wasn't feeling well and then laid her head on the desk. I sat across from her, if you remember, but faced the other way. Well, her chair squeaked just a little and you could hear it when no one was talking. About 15 minutes later, the squeaks were turning into a slow beat. I turned around to take a look, not thinking much of it, and noticed that her right hand was between her legs and her elbow was moving slowly. Her head seemed still, but what gave it away for me was her left hand... It had a white knuckle grip over the side of her cube. She would release the grip only to re-apply it more firmly. I couldn't see her right-hand or forearm anymore, but her elbow movement was getting faster and I knew she was doing more than just scratching her inner thigh!

Amber: did she cum right there at her cube!

Me: yeap, and then got up and went to the ladies room. When she got back, she told me in chat.

Amber: she was strange. why did she tell you? didn't she send you pics of her clit piercing?

Me: I don't know, guess she was bragging

Amber: you don't have to worry about me cumming at my desk. I would rather cum in your face!

Me: ditto

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cold Morning In The Park

The windows were already fogging up and all Amber did was start stroking my cock. I got hard in a quick minute and asked if she would put her mouth on me. As she started leaning over to the passenger side, Charlie began its rhythmic contractions in anticipation. The warmth of her breath surrounding my cock was enough to awaken 4 days worth of cum. The dexterity of her overworked tongue tickled all the right places. She went down as far as she could, then came up and without swallowing; let the spit drip over the head.
Her free hand was already pulling down her elastic pants. By the time I opened my eyes, she was half undressed and climbing between the seats to lay down in the back. She pulled her blouse and grabbed her breast, as if to keep them warm. My pants were already at my ankles. I turned left, went over the hump, and rested between her thighs. My cock found its way into her pussy without a touch and we kissed.
It was still dark out, but we only had 20 minutes before having to be at work. We could have laid there... me in her, talking, kissing and caressing for twice as long as we had. That's what we wanted... time... more time to just be with each other and slowly build to a place we knew existed, but had only reached a few times. I promised Amber that we would take a 2 hour lunch sometime soon, so we could do just that. Her pussy and arms followed suit as they both held me tight.

After a quick butt-kiss, I got up on my arms and withdrew Charlie from her pussy until the tip could feel the cold air. She crossed her legs and tried to force me back in, but I controlled the entry and slowly re-gifted her every inch I took away. I looked around to make sure no other cars had entered our park. The only sounds were a few tree branches being blown together in a cold wind. Amber and I were still protected by darkness. We kissed deeply and she rocked her hips into me. My strokes were short, staying deep inside her. The cold air was not felt again by Charlie until after we both came. Once again, we wanted to preserve the moment; sharing all the pulses and throbs and completely letting my cock drain itself into her. "I want it all", she said, "I want it all".

We got dressed and made it to work with only minutes to spare. Our bodies were satisfied, but our hearts were longing.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cold, Hard Fucking

We met in the darkness of a cold early morning. Although we were wearing heavy coats and gloves, our internal heat was fueled by a long holiday weekend of lusting for each other. After family, turkey and pumpkin pie, we were ready to get down and dirty, and we didn't want to wait for a break or lunch.

Arriving at work an hour early was typical for Amber, but I had to work at it. On this day, the motivating factors were easy to imagine... primarily the submersible warmth of her pussy.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Shooting Blanks

I don't remember exactly how old I was; only that I was in elementary school and not yet 10. It was time to play soccer during P.E. I had nothing against soccer. When you're a kid just running around is great fun - then throw in the added bennies of actually kicking a ball into a net! Hell Yeah! Well, the fun ended when some clumsy kid aimed for the rolling ball, missed and kicked me square in the nuts. I could have sworn that those two tender morsels were going to explode through my eyeballs! I only remember rolling around on the ground. I also remember never... ever playing that game again.

I had a couple of sexual experiences in middle school, but my sexuality exploded in High School. I was very picky. I didn't choose to explode in just any girl with a short skirt or big boobs. There had to be more going on for her than that, and we had to click. Ok, so there was this one time I took a girl to the prom (my 2nd) and we danced once, then screwed the night away in her Dad's car! Her exact name escapes me. My point is that there were plenty of very "good friends" in H.S.

There were also plenty accidents, omissions and "let's just fuck"; and never a pregnant High School girl. Never a pregnant sorority girl or anyone else... nothing... nada. It's been ok. It's always been ok with me. If we have a child... great; if we don't... great. Really, it's as simple as that.
So when Nicole missed the usually timely arrival of Ms. Flo, I was concerned, but not overly so. I was much more concerned about her emotional state than I was about the real possibility of her being pregnant. I have not been checked (yes, I know I should be... for the few who wanted a child), but I have always believed that I'm shooting big, fat & hot blanks.

Today we were informed by Nicole that there is nothing to worry or be concerned about. She was not feeling well and just before lunch she went home for the day. Flo has made her not so pleasant presence known.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cumming Home to Roost

Amber was called into the office by her Manager yesterday. My heater is blowing cool air. Nicole's visit from Aunt Flo is late and when I slapped my car into tip-tronic mode, it slipped, then the check engine light came on and flashed! Why the hell is this convolution of unfortunate events happening?

I had no idea what was going on with Amber until 10 minutes ago. All possibilities ran across my nervous mind... did we get caught? Was there a camera in the elevator, put there because someone suspected what we were doing? She's a perfect employee; why would a manager call her into the office at such short notice. It couldn't be good.

I've also been informed by both Amber & Nicole, that I have not been in the best of moods lately. Could it be the holidays creepin' up on me faster than I want, or have the economic woes of the country finally come home to roost? Yes! Hell Yeah... the good side, at least gas cost less than $30 per damn tank!

Am I getting bored with our threesome? Do I need something different, something extra? Hell no... seriously, this is the flashing light of all highlights for me right now. I guess if it were ONLY the sex, I would probably be bored. That's not true, the sex is amazing! What keeps us going is that we truly love and appreciate each other... besides that... the white hot passion is still there. That's why I worry when Amber gets called in. Her and I tend to take more chances than Nicole would ever allow. If we are standing in line waiting to order food at Red, Hot & Blue; and she said she needed it; you might catch my middle finger half-way up her pussy as I tell the cashier how we want our ribs that day..."Wet for her and a dry rub for me, thank you".

So when my lovers tell me there's been a negative change in my mood, I check myself. I start digging. I first want to be sure everything is ok with us...that all 3 are still enjoying what's happening. From that point, I work my way out... speaking of work. I no longer enjoy my job. Could I actually be burned out, tired of it all, except for the opportunity it gives me to play in some risky business with both Amber & Nicole? YES

Everything changes, which reminds me, I need to check with Nicole about Aunt Flo.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DWM - Driving While Masturbating

An interesting question was asked on Twitter last night... to paraphrase, "how many women have masturbated while driving and had an orgasm?".  For most of us men, the thought of women driving around us cumming is a delicious visual, but I have a question... How do you maintain yourself and still  drive? I couldn't do it! Do you tone down the cum a bit so it's not one of your more powerful ones? Are you moving or at a stop light? A curious guy wants to know.

Personally, I know of two who have had orgasms while driving. Amber, who started while making long trips to and from a University, said that the vibration of the car is definitely an asset. The other DWM I'm aware of actually put her foot on the dash while using cruise control. Amazing! 

This is yet another example of the sexual superiority of women over men. Like M&M's (unless they squirt, (another nice thought))  there is no mess for a woman, like a man would make in that situation.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gonna Use My Fingers!

Telco Guy entered our world again the last time Amber went next door to get some breakfast goodies for Nicole & I. In case you've forgotten, Amber gets very excited anytime he's around. They just happened to meet each other at the elevator and ended up going to the cafeteria together.

Amber: you will not believe who I rode next door with?
Me: ?
Nicole: who?
Amber: Telco Guy! I asked him why he cut his hair and he said it was starting to bug his neck. I feel like such a school girl... a very wet & horny school girl! and I'm going to the ladies room right now to insert!
Me: hehe... Amber is that all you talked about was his hair?
Nicole: she's gone!

Amber had already left for the ladies room to insert a finger or two in her pussy... once again 

Nicole: Max, she already left. Do you think anything else happened? 
Me: I'm sure she'll let us know
Nicole: she better

We waited for her return. I sat there getting hard thinking about it

Amber: anything like what?
Me: how was it?
Amber: oh I pulsed the entire time we were in the elevator. He looks like he's been working out.
Me: no, how was your insert?
Amber: of course, I could have cum! Who's doing lunch today?
Nicole: well...
Amber: well what?
Me: Nicole & myself were gonna drive to Eatsies... bring back a surprise or two.
Amber: ok I guess I'll spend more time in the ladies room.
Nicole: Hey, you can go. You need it more than I do today.

and there goes Nicole, showing some sweetness yet again. But there's more to that story... She knew that Telco Guy made Amber horny, but she also knows how Amber can be when she doesn't get what she needs in a timely manner. Amber can be very demanding at that point. I love it, but I think it scares Nicole sometimes.  

Amber: are you sure? Nicole, don't do this if you are going to be upset with me after.
Nicole: I was really looking forward to the time with Max, but you need your cum and I'll take lunch tomorrow.
Amber: Max?
Me: whatever you two decide... as long as  Nicole is sure she's ok with it...
Amber: are you sure Nicole?
Nicole: I'm sure, I want to know how many times you cum after seeing your Telco Guy!
Amber: thank you sweetie

After all that, I was looking forward to both of them in the elevator giving each other a make-up hug and smooch. 

Nicole decided to ride down with Amber & I,  in order to give us both a turn on jolt before she sent us on our way.  Her and Amber hugged and said some reassuring words to each other... and they kissed... a gentle smacking kind of kiss, that said to each 'I really care for you'.  

Once Amber & I got in the car, she leaned the seat back and unfastened the clasp to her gray slacks, then the top button just below.

Me: hey babe, let me at least get out of the parking lot. there are windows in this building you know!
Amber: ok... sorry, I'm so ready!
Me: I guess so!

Once out of sight of the building, I slide me hand down her slacks. I purposely avoided her clit and tried to insert two fingers into her pussy.  I asked her to unbutton one or two more to give me better access.  Without missing a beat, she unbuttoned all five and pulled her slacks down to her ankles. They were now resting on the floorboard. She kicked off her flats and stepped out of one pant leg. Her legs were now free to spread and spread she did. I easily put two fingers in her now and she leaned back in the seat even more. Traffic was heavy that day. We got a late start, so we ended up on the highway with most of the lunch crowd. I tried to stay in the slow lane to better conceal this half naked women in my passenger seat. She didn't seem to care, she just wanted to be touched.

Me: was he wearing tight slacks? did you notice a bulge? did it grow as you stood there starring at it... wanting it?
Amber: yessss

Me: Did he take your hand and lay it on his cock, so you could feel the warmth, feel it grow... feel the throbs...

She didn't answer, but she was totally in the moment. 

Me: and then he let go of your hand, but your hand stayed on his cock. You wanting to curl your fingers if only so slightly, letting him know you want it... you need it.
He leaned back into the elevator wall and you followed... holding your hand in place over his cock, now firmly gripping his hardness as if it were all yours.
you licked his lips, thinking you had some kind of control, but he grabbed you around the waist and forced you into him.  His tight body felt good next to yours and you wanted to climb into him. He kissed you...kissed you as if he was making up for all those times he saw you... and wanted you... but no words were ever uttered.

We were halfway to Eatzies and Amber was thoroughly fucking my hand and saying "yessss" to everything I said. The high priced, high rise apartment buildings were only 2 or 3 blocks away and my fingers were still buried in her, trapped... forced to be there by a lover enjoying the last thrills of juicy cum.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hot Tub Lovers

It wasn't the best of feelings knowing my back was hurting on the same night I would host my lovers for some hot tub fun. Several times during the day, I wondered if I would be able to get in the 104 degree water.  As it turned out, all this worry and concern was for nothing. It caused some anxious moments, but even if I couldn't get in and participate, I knew I would enjoy watching Amber & Nicole do their thing.

The cooking was fairly easy and well within my capabilities. I asked and received an appropriate idea from "NookieNotes" on Twitter.  Although this is a sexblog, and not the Food Channel, sex & food are often very good partners in and out of bed. 

I chilled 2 bottles of a dry Riesling wine; half of one bottle I used in the honey mustard sauce (starting to sound like the Food Channel). The rest of that bottle we consumed as we dipped the grilled chicken pieces in a sauce that was so good we ended up licking it from each others fingers. I admit that I am normally not a finger licker... not even my own. If food gets on my fingers, that's when a napkin or paper towel come in handy... but on this night, with the wine complementing the sauce and the sauce complementing the wine, we were apt to lick anything that the sauce landed on.

I was the first one in the hot tub. The temperature beeped at 104, all the jets were on, and I wanted to give my back a real chance to recover from whatever had gone wrong. Actually at that moment, there was no pain. I had forgotten all about my little back issue. I got in and immediately melted into the flow of jets and the relaxing warmth of the water. I could no longer hear what Amber & Nicole were saying, but they were still having fun, so I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. I figured after only 15 minutes of high heat and a jet massage, I would be as good as new.

I opened my eyes to a naked body climbing the steps and throwing her leg into the water. She had two wine glasses in her hand and once she had both feet in, she sat my glass in a holder next to me. "You're sweet", I said, sitting up-right and lifting my head off the pillow. Nicole found her spot directly across from me.  We sipped our wine and she let out a sigh as she let her body go. Nicole had a long, contentious day at work and I swear I could see the nasty spirit of stress leave her in the form of steam lifting from her head & shoulders.
Amber climbed in with her glass and an almost full bottle of wine. She straddled me and sat down in my lap. While leaning over to set the wine in a holder, we kissed. The thing about being in water is that you can be as sloppy as you want; and we were every bit of sloppy. 

Honestly, I was still concerned about my back even though at the moment, it felt great. I mentioned it to Amber since she was getting very close to sitting on Charlie. "We'll be gentle babe", she said in a wet whisper.  She was playing a game with my cock... up and down, flowing with the water, using her legs to direct herself over Charlie. Up & down, I could feel when she missed and I slipped over the crack of her ass. Up & down, and how she would sit behind and let my harder cock graze over her pubic hairs. She was very gentle when it  would miss her pussy; lifting up slightly and guiding it into her. She sat down in my lap easy, but with a firmness that guided my cock to the end of her pussy. We were locked into each other from head to toe... hardly moving, but simply enjoying the heat, the jets,  all surrounding us in our embrace.

Nicole paddled over with a glass of wine and motioned for me to take a drink. I tried to tilt my head and she tried to pour some wine in my mouth. I got a taste, but most of it ended up running down my chin and left cheek.  So there I was, sitting in a hot tub with a stiff cock in Amber and Nicole licking wine off my face.  

Nicole: Amber, can I have some?

Amber reached for the bottle of wine...

Nicole: No, I want some Charlie!

Amber: Charlie who?

Nicole: The Charlie Cock inside of you, That's who!

Nicole was playfully nibbling on Amber's earlobe, asking her if she really liked that ear or not. 
Amber laughed and gracefully lifted from my cock. I sipped more wine and Nicole took her place on my lap. She eased my cock in her and rocked her hips back and forth far too gentle for my taste.

Me: hey... ok you guys are being waaay too gentle, do you want to fuck me or not.
Nicole: just being careful with your back babe
Me: it's fine...really. between the wine and being in here, it feels great. I'll let you know if I feel pain. So far so fucking good.
Amber: is that just your horny talking?
Nicole: probably

Ok, now they are going to try to hurt me! We laughed and had a three-way kiss where we basically licked each others lips. Nicole was moving faster over Charlie and still trying to kiss and breathe.  

Nicole: you ok?
Me: no worries, you feel so good!

She was leaning back into the water. I held her wrist and she moved her hips into mine. She found a spot and didn't change. We looked at each other until her eyes rolled and her head turned towards Amber. Amber quickly moved through the water and kissed Nicole; holding her head up and grabbing her breast, which were bouncing just beneath the foam.  Nicole's movements were forcing water over the edges. With every splash the water careened over my face. She was cumming and every instinct of mine was to force it deeper... pump her back... make her scream with pleasure. I relaxed and let her have her way. She had found a spot inside and I didn't want to risk a mis-fire. Her body lurched forward and she grabbed my shoulders, riding the waters wave. She came! Now she was going up and down and still cumming around my cock. When she finished, she sat down hard on top of me. I wanted more movement, because now I was close. The cum was quickly working it's way up with every slight move of her muscles. All she could manage was more involuntary squeezes, and that was working its magic on my cock. Her Betsy was happy and pulsing around me. I came in her in one steady flow. Her pussy tightened around me and her nails dug into my shoulders. I was so afraid of hugging her too tight, I released her. We kissed as more cum flowed.

I leaned back and Amber poured the rest of the wine over my head. 

Amber: how's your back? 

Nicole slowly got up and sat on the edge of the hot tub. She was thirsty and quickly finished the rest of her wine.

Me: my back is great! no more back talk ok? 
Amber: ok babe... did you cum?
Nicole: ohh...yes he did!
Me: yes
Amber: you two are so fucking hot together! I loved it!

Amber was now standing in the center of the hot tub and touching herself.  "Hand me that", she said, pointing at the nearly empty bottle of wine. 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sexy Good Food

The A-List

Plenty of touching on the way to Whole Foods and even more cumming in the parking lot... In an out of the way area of the parking lot, where I've received more than my fair share of head from Amber.

The Chicken Friand is a personal favorite and Nicole fell in love with it also.  A playful ride to and from. 

Probably more cums on the way to/from Central Market than any other location. A great place to go when sex is on the brain and we have no idea what we want to eat

one of our favorite places to go... long ride, lots of cummage on these little trips. Eatzies is another place we go wet & horny, without really having an idea of what we want to eat, but knowing we want something different.

Ribs, pulled pork, sausage & cheese... bringing it all back to work and making the place smell better.

Sandwiches, soups & salads, not to mention some dangerous desserts which I try my best to ignore.

The B-List

A: far enough away to do plenty of touching. Usually involves someone cumming on the way there or on the way back, and sometimes both.

B: Most of the time not far enough to cum, but ample time to get things warmed up before getting some good food and going back to work. 

C: a quick run after 1 cum or more at the park.

* Everything but the "good food".

Saturday, October 25, 2008

"What did you do for lunch?"

That's a question I hear way too often, and there have been times when I came very close to telling them exactly what went on...

"oh dude, you wouldn't believe it. I took two girls to lunch and on the drive there, I fingered one while the other one was in the backseat playing with herself. Oh man, it was fuckin righteous, the one I was touching came before we got to the park and the other one was so fucking turned on, she got naked and laid down in the backseat for me to fuck her. You would not believe how wet she was! So I licked her a little, while the one in the front seat sucked my dick..."

He would look at me like I had just lost every vital brain cell and say, "oh oh yeah right man, where did you really go?"

"I went to get a Whooper dude, you want some fries?"

Friday, October 24, 2008


after some good food & sex!
She's on a bed in a hotel half asleep and needs to get up.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

8 Hands & The Moola Mantra Part 2

Me: I'm so fucking glad we kept the room! 
Nicole: that was so much fun. I can't believe what just happened. Amber, are you ok?
Amber: yes!
Me: are you sore?
Amber: yes, but a good sore. ahhhhhh man, I'm just used up... just used up.

Amber was down in the back seat completely exhausted. Her face was still flush and she wasn't moving a muscle. Her words were coming out like it was the hardest thing for her to do. She labored in her own pleasure. I pulled the car next to the main office to return the key. Originally this room was for lunch, but it didn't work out that way with me having to skip, and Amber needing to take only 30 minutes. I did take a short break in order to call Ann's number I found on Craigslist, and we were very lucky to get her on such short notice.

After returning to the car, I opened the backdoor and kissed Amber on the forehead.

Me: are you sure you're ok? Here's a Sprite.
Amber: thank you!

There was a certain euphoric sense in the car as we drove back to work. I asked Amber if she was ok to drive, as a joke, but neither Amber or Nicole thought it was very funny. Not only was the car filled with euphoria, but it was also filled with a light smell of soap and funk - some kind of new musky perfume I wish I could bottle and sell!
Once we got to the parking lot, Nicole and I leaned back into our seats and sighed.  Neither of them were in any hurry to get out of the car and start supporting their own weight just yet; especially Amber.  She was still in the same position; since the last time I looked. I wasn't really worried about her at that point, because she had that sweet "after-sex-smile".  That smile of confirmation that most men need to see... that says we did ok.  I do try not to ask the all too typical "did you cum?", but I do like to see that smile. 

Amber: what did she have in me?
Amber: what did she have in my pussy?
Nicole: she wrote it down for me and I put it in my purse - some online store
Amber: oh good, cause I want one
Nicole: me too! I didn't ask her, but does it have more than one speed? I should have asked her.
Amber: I have no idea babe, who cares.

It was nice to hear Amber come alive. She grunted a little as she sat up and put her hands on both of our necks.

Amber: thank you-you two...thank you.  Cherie is still pulsing deep inside! 
Nicole: it was like when she turned on that music...
Me: yeah, we all melted...

It was like Ann's Hands were dancing to the music; dancing on the back of Amber. Nicole and I smiled at each other knowing that our lover was enjoying every moment of this.  We wanted to watch the entire massage, but we also wanted to have some fun ourselves.  I spooned her, nibbled on her ear and kissed her neck. Now we both were on our sides and facing the massage table. Ann was working on Amber's legs. Her entire body was shinning with massage oil. 

The site of another woman touching Amber turned us both on. Charlie was hard and I could feel how wet Nicole was from the front.

Nicole: put it in me!

She spread her legs slightly and I went to put it in, but only teased. The head of my dick went in her and stopped. I wanted her to beg a little. We were watching Ann massage Amber's butt and inner thighs. 

Me: I bet she's soaking wet... I know Cherie is quivering
Nicole: yeah
Me: you want some more?
Nicole: put it in me! please...

Nicole's voice was getting softer, but not any weaker. She wanted my hard dick in her and she wanted it now. Her butt was pressing back into me and Charlie was between her legs. The way it was positioned and the way she was moving, I could have cum without Charlie ever being inside of her. We were still watching a sexy Ann massage Amber's butt. She was taking her time and I'm sure she could hear Amber's exhales, because we could. I reached down and Nicole spread her legs again. This time I put my entire dick in her.... sliding in & out a few times, then slamming it deep in her pussy. I held it there and we both tried to relax; everything but Charlie & Betsy. Every time I put pressure on her clit, Betsy would tighten around me, sending the throbs through my hips & legs; forcing me even deeper inside.

Nicole: she's going to leave a wet spot on that table and I bet her nipples are hard
Me: yah think? she may leave more than a wet spot

I wanted to ask Amber how she was doing, but I didn't want to disturb her in whatever world she was in. So Nicole and I whispered; making educated guesses as to just how turned on this was making her. We figured when Ann had her roll over, Amber would just go at it... start touching herself until she came, just to take the edge off.

Nicole: if she does, I'll get up and grab her hands. 
Me: ok
Nicole: then lick her fingers

Charlie jumped inside of her, which set off a pussy pulse from Betsy, which set off a throb... which set off... you get the idea.

Amber turned over facing us and smiled. We all heard a little pussy fart as she maneuvered to her back. Her legs were together, just as they are when she masturbates, but she kept her hands at her side. Ann spread her feet apart and put two small pillows under each knee and one under her head. Amber's hands were grabbing the table, not out of fear, but Nicole & I knew it was because she wanted to cum. I whispered, "relax". I'm not sure she heard me, but as Ann walked around her, she put each of Amber's hands flat on the table. 

Ann was bending over digging into her over sized gym bag again.  She pulled out something which was hidden in it's own smaller bag... looked like a soft eyeglass case.

Ann: Amber... this is Jack!

Amber didn't say anything and both Nicole & I quickened the short pumps we started once Amber was on her back.

Ann: would you like to feel Jack as I continue my massage?
Amber: Hi Jack!  yes, I'm about to... oh fuck!!!!!

Ann slid Jack in her and held the remote control up to show us. She turned it on and Amber's toes pointed forward. 

Ann: try to relax as much as you can.

When we heard the little hum from Jack and saw Amber's response; Nicole & I could no longer continue with our lazy fuck. There was no more letting my dick rest deep inside. Nicole's butt smacked into me and I pounded into her. We were still watching Ann & Amber but we were fucking our horny ass's off now. All the smacking and heavy breathing was getting to Amber. She was now grabbing both breast and in rhythm with us. I tried to kiss Nicole, but she started to cum and let out a loud cry. Amber tried to look around at us when Ann turned Jack's speed up and got her attention back on her own impending cummage.

As Nicole's pussy creamed around Charlie; Ann motioned for us to join her.  She had the bottle of oil in the air and waited for us to get out of bed. With our hands well lubricated, and the Jack vibrator at full speed, we all touched Amber. Sliding up and down her body and over our own. Amber's senses were overwhelmed with pleasure from all the hands... all the touching. Ann held Jack in her pussy and over her clit. We could hear the little pearl balls colliding in her, offering Amber a sensation she had never felt before.

Amber held on to my wrist as she came... as she burst out of herself over and over again. Cums like this prove female superiority when it comes to having an orgasm. I didn't think it would ever end. Amber has been here before... where one drops off, another one comes on... and again and again...  We were all cheering her on...

Ann: you go!
Nicole: come on baby, let it out, let it out.

Nicole was moving to the other side of the table and grabbed Charlie on the way. I followed her or should I say my dick followed her. She bent over the table, her hand on Amber's thigh and I put Charlie in. We were fucking again... shaking the table one way, while Ann & Amber shock it the other. Ann was still holding Jack in place, and was now kissing Amber's stomach.  That was it! Shit... now we knew Ann was into it, and that was all it took. I exploded in Nicole and we both collapsed on Amber.

Amber was still having some after-shocks - Ann was now at the sink washing Jack; and Nicole was on the bed telling us how shaky her legs were. I kissed Amber and joined Nicole. Spreading my tired legs on the bed; all of us lay in silence. A very peaceful silence.

Nicole gave me the info to pass on to everyone about Jack, it is why I now have a TooTimid link on the sidebar.  I've seen it work! 


Thursday, October 16, 2008

8 Hands & The Moola Mantra - Part 1

She had a model's height and carried her lean body with grace. I never would have guessed that she did anything other than stroll down a strobe lit runway wearing designer fashions.  Her name was Ann, according to her Craigslist Ad, and she was walking towards our hotel room in two inch pumps, a black unitard, and a gray halter t-shirt which said "Ann's Hands". 

Ann's advertised specialty was "An Actual Professional Massage with The Benefits of A Happy Ending!"; and Amber had NEVER had a massage before. She had mentioned several times that she had fantasized about a stranger touching her all over... getting her wet by "accidentally" touching certain areas. These were fantasies with a male masseuse, but considering her new experiences with Nicole, I figured it might be ok to have a female. 

Ann walked to the door I stood at - admiring her every step. I guess I was blocking the room number because she held up 8 fingers and said, "room 8?".  As dopey as it felt, I stepped to the side, revealing the magic number.  She introduced herself and we committed to some small talk; like two boxers feeling each other out. In this case, we were probably looking for some assurance that the other wasn't crazed.  I must say, she spoke much better than she dressed.  We had a friendly hug and she walked back to her car to get her massage table.

Amber & Nicole had been looking through the blinds the entire time.  They had no clue what was going on. I stepped back inside and ushered them away from the window to prolong the suspense as long as possible.  I cuffed Amber's face and gave her a passionate kiss. This was for her. Her first massage and more...  As Amber and I were smooching, Nicole made it back to the blinds and saw Ann walking back with her table.

Nicole: what did you dooooo!

She was laughing as she sqeeked those words. She kissed Amber on the back of the neck. They locked arms and Nicole walked her to the window.

Nicole: are we all getting a massage? Amber you're about to loose you massage virginity!

Amber just looked at me with those 'thank you' eyes and smiled on her way to the ladies room.

Ann walked into our hotel room, kicked off her shoes and set up her table. As the table took form, she began to explain to Amber the many benefits of massage.
  • Reduce spasms and cramping.
  • Relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles.
  • Release endorphins—amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller.
  • Relieve migraine pain.
  • Improve the condition of the body’s largest organ—the skin.
  • Increase joint flexibility.
  • Lessen depression and anxiety.
  • Promote tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue and stretch marks.
  • Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation.
  • Ease medication dependence.
  • Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow—the body’s natural defense system.
I was very impressed with her professional presentation. It was so good to Amber that she began to remove her clothes as Ann laid a sheet over the table. Nicole and I retreated to the nearby bed. We must of looked like a couple of open-mouthed kids seeing something which promised to be pleasing on so many levels. I propped pillows up, reclined and Nicole rested her head on my chest.

Ann: do you have any aches or pains right now?

All 3 of use laughed as Ann waited for an answer. 

Amber: hehe, no, I'm ready to relax.
Ann: great, I'm going to wash my hands and you can get on the table face down.

Amber had removed her clothes and was standing there with a naughty smile on her face.

Me: you look great babe! 

She mounted the table and said, "you have a stop watch; I'll bet I could cum in less than 60 seconds!" 

Nicole: I'll race you!

Ann returned with a small bottle of oil and calmly said,  "slow down you 3, this is an hour massage". What else did she have in that bag of hers, which by the way, I never saw her bring in the room.

This was going to be fun. Ann is cool - Amber & Nicole are happy and relaxed... Not to mention that all 3, maybe 4 of us were horny as hell! Ann turned on some music; something she called "The Moola Mantra (Part 1) by Deval Premal. Neither of us had any idea what or who it was, but it fit somehow. 


Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Telco Guy Effect

Telco Guy was in the elevator as I got on.  He was dressed in his usual gear, tight pants, tight shirt unbuttoned halfway down his bare chest. The hair on his head was getting longer, almost reaching his shoulders. Amber digs longer, well kept hair. The heals of his black shoes tapped as he moved away from the control panel. I stood there looking at him, wondering if he was trying to see his reflection in the aluminum covered doors. "Do you know Amber?", I said, like she might have a prize for him. Until this very moment, we had never said anything but a "hey" or "what's up" in passing between buildings. Most of the time he saw me, I was  either with Amber or Nicole. "Yeah, I setup some phones for her team. Why, what's up?" He was used to being stopped and asked questions about phones and probably figured this was another request. "Well, Nicole would be jealous of me if she knew I was in the elevator with you... alone"? I laughed as it came out of my mouth. I didn't want to scare the guy off.  He returned my laugh and raised me one when he said, "I know." I can't say I was shocked; there are a few guys out there who actually notice when a women is noticing them. It's all about being aware. "I'll ride with her!", he said. 

I know Amber is curious about him, but I'm not sure she would actually do anything if she had the opportunity.  Telco Guy has entered her conscious and subconscious thoughts, but does she really want a piece of that reality? Besides a temporary turn-on, what effect would it have on the three of us if something did happened... and continued to happen. Hmmmm... 

The elevator door opened and I stepped out. From the other side of the door, I looked him square in the eye and calmly said, "we'll talk later".  Whether we will or not, I didn't know, but I do know that Amber will have one of her better cums when she hears about this encounter.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Caramel Cock

Nicole was sweet enough to bring me coffee this morning, and while doing so discretely whispered in my ear "I want to lick Charlie".  I lifted my head from the computer just in time to see her walking away. I focused on the fact that her ass appeared to be eating most of her khaki slacks, and I could see the small of her back under her shirt. It was a scene I replayed all morning. One that kept me in an aroused state and fully awake for my first encounter of the day.

Amber had requested both breaks and she wanted to help prime me for my lunch with Nicole. We walked next door, picked up 3 ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches, then rode the slo back. I put the breakfast bag down and unzipped. She slid her hand past my balls, and grabbed my ass from the front, while at the same time consuming every inch of my hard cock. I looked down at her big beautiful eyes looking up at me. Slowly she backed off, half smiling, with half a finger in my asshole. 
My cock was bouncing in the air for more. What a tease, I thought... what a damn good tease. I wanted to turn her around and fuck her right then, but she was wearing slacks, and we didn't have that kind of time left on the slo anyway.

Back at our respective cubes, Amber explained to Nicole what she just did to me in the elevator. This is always a big part of the continued turn on for us... talking about the sexy adventures we just did, or the ones we plan on doing. We all get off on it big time! After hearing the details, Nicole knew I was ready for a lunchtime explosion and she wanted it all. There was no way she would share this one with Amber.

Nicole: thank you lover!
Amber: np, you need some help?

Nicole never answered...

Nicole: would you let me suck Charlie if I had Sarah Palin glasses on?
Me: I would have to think about that! :D
Nicole: she doesn't do anything for you?
Me: sure... then she speaks!

We had another hour to go before lunch and the sexy talk continued...
It didn't matter if we were horny just like we were the day before. What matters is what we are horny now; like Amber's pussy getting so wet it leaves a line of wetness on her chair...once again... or Nicole deciding to take her panties off because they are soaked, and soaked panties bug her. When she returns, she ask what I had for dinner last night, wondering if my cum will be "as sweet as usual". OMG 

Those words gave me an idea. Nicole loves anything with caramel in it, candy bars, ice cream or straight from the jar. We made a quick stop, I ran in and got the goods.

The park was packed with cars.  There was a uniformed soccer team of about 25 young adults practicing. Fortunately for Nicole and I, all the cars seemed to be empty, so we were clear to do as planned.  I asked Nicole to lean back and close her eyes...just for a second. I reached for the grocery bag and unscrewed the caramel top. I had to remind my lover once again to keep her eyes closed, then I put a little on my finger and smeared it over the head of my cock. With the jar out of sight, I asked Nicole to taste Charlie and keep those eyes closed. Her mouth hovered over and she sheepishly stuck out her tongue. I lifted up just enough to get the caramel on the tip of her tongue. She opened her eyes and said, "yummmmm, put some more on him!" 

Nicole commenced to her typically deliberate licking of my cock.  She has a naturally slow hand, which was firmly grasping charlie near the base. Usually the pace picked up as I got closer to cumming, but today I wanted it slow & easy. This is her forte... her head moves from side to side, giving me a new angle to jump to. Charlie gets a workout from every angle. I could see the accumulation of caramel on the corner of her mouth, and she let the sweet juices drip off her tongue and onto my cock.  Her lips met her hand as she took more than half of me in her mouth and held it there. She moaned deeply and I whispered how good everything felt.  I was throbbing inside of her... enjoying the sight of my sweet Nicole sucking me off. She is beautiful, with or without me in her.   

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sit, Squat or Stand

How lucky is a woman? How fortunate you are to be able to walk into a grocery store's produce section and find something which will fill you and possibly thrill you. How lucky, especially when compared to a man.  No, I'm not mad at you, in fact I'm smiling as I type.  It's so easy for a woman to please herself when the inspiration hits her; and I'm so jealous of that fact.

Amber or Nicole can stroll into the ladies room, wait for a quiet moment and rip one off without much of a fuss. As much as those two have turned me on, the thought has crossed my mind a time or two, but I can't bring myself to do it. It seems to be way to much trouble.

Reasons I will never masturbate in the men's room at work:

1) when the need arises, I prefer to sit, standing would be the equivalent of advertising and walking to the rr with a hardon, past my buddies, my boss, small talkers, and the rest... no! and yes, I have a manbag and have used it for cover when I had no choice, like coming back from a "giving" lunch.  Sorry, I'm not going to skip off to the men's room, carrying my bag.  That visual freaks me out.  It's really ok if you are a man and you carry your bag to the men's room. It's just not for me.
2) the smell in there ruins it for me. nuff said
3) a hardon and sitting on the toilet doesn't always work so well. It stops me from pumping out and rocking to the convulsions, and hard to keep it in the bowl. It'll end up on the floor or door and I'll have to clean it up.
4) the clean up and the leakage after. My biggest, most draining cums are with someone... so after I masturbate, I'll probably leak out what didn't make the cut for the next 30 minutes... no fun.

So my dear Nicole, and my dear Amber, you take yourself in the ladies room anytime you want! Sit, stand or whatever you need to do to get to that place of pleasure. I will join you in spirit and help you if I can...but I will never cum in the men's room, sit, squat or stand!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Milk & Cookies

It was a beautiful day, not unlike the last few days here, plenty of sun and a gentle breeze. It's starting to feel like fall and we didn't want to sit in the car during lunch. The confinement and limitations of our vehicles was simply not good enough that day.  We figured we would walk for half a lunch and come back to the car for some fun. 

We started on the path which we had watched and mostly ignored countless patrons walk, jog, blade, or smoke; while we reclined and quietly exchanged orgasms... prairie dogging to see if anyone had noticed our sensual whimpers.  The path circled into a thicket of trees, which we leisurely made our way into.  Hiding just beyond the concrete path, we hugged and kissed. This is usually all it took to ignite any fires within. We immediately needed to find a better hiding place in order to do a bit more, or so we thought.

The panties had already been taken off as usual, and the skirt was gracefully flowing in the wind. I had been teased enough during our walk and I wanted to see her butt now.  Unfortunately, that's pretty much all I would get to do that day. She turned her back to me and leaned into a tree, bending over just far enough for me to see her lovely cheeks.  She then brought one foot to the left, and one foot to the right; spreading out her welcome mat.  I lowered myself and kissed a cheek, then heard a noise. I paused, figuring it was one of the many squirrels jumping tree branches. While kissing the other cheek and anticipating the taste of her pussy juices, I heard it again! This time I stood up to see a dog chasing something, and a white-bearded man chasing his dog. He was a big guy, in both directions. He wore some kind of suspenders, which you don't usually see in real life. His gut stressed the straps so much they were cutting into his white t-shirt and shoulders. I immediately decided I didn't like him much. I gave him a down-head nod and he walked by, re-leashing is dog like it was all a plan. I half expected someone beyond the trees to yell "cut". 

We wondered how long he had watched us, and what he had seen. He looked like St. Nick, but he sure ruined our milk & cookies.  We quickly walked back to the car,  imagining that he and his dog were hiding, witnessing our lust until the dog caught the scent of something... or maybe the first sound I heard was a stick being thrown for the dog to fetch... but why would he had thrown it at THAT moment. Things were just getting started. We went on and on with this... got in the car and we both kept adding to the story of this man and his dog. We both came and laughed. What a scary fun lunch it was!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Proud Nicole Does Amber

I wondered just how Nicole would do Amber at lunch. I also thought there was a possibility that they would have a sit down meal, then give me a "story"; but I know Amber better than that. If Nicole didn't help, Amber would take matters into her own hands. It's happened before. There have been times while driving in heavy traffic, she would simply start without me. A couple of those times, she also finished! So, I have no doubts that if she needed to cum, she was going to do so no matter what.

Nicole is the "people pleaser". She desires to leave everyone with a smile. Not a bad trait at all, but it did allow room for doubts; at least in my mind. Sometimes I thought she only wanted to know how I felt, so she could decide what to give me or how to act. Again, not totally a bad thing, but I always tend to dig a little in order to find out how SHE really feels and what SHE really wants: "give to me because you want to, not just because you think I want". Well, it turns out, she really wanted to make Amber cum. I mean, she is one proud puppy that Amber had 2 cums under the wiggle of her fingers. The following is a slice of our chat after lunch...

Nicole: you want to smell my fingers before I wash 'em
Me: I'm surprised you waited this long! you bet!
Nicole: well, I wanted to enjoy it a little  hehe
Amber: she didn't stop!
Me: ?
Amber: after I came the first time, she never stopped. she put a finger in me and rubbed me until I came again!
Me: wow nicole, you go girl! hehe
Nicole: I didn't know, so I kept going. did I scratch you?
Amber: oh no, I'm still pulsing, it felt so good thank you
Me: as nicole would say... wrooor
Nicole: you want a hug?
Amber: omw
Me: hey!!!

Shit, it all sounded so good and I wanted to sniff that finger of Nicole's, but... This was like their afterglow. They needed that hug. 

I still had plenty of work to do, and it got really hard to get back into after hearing about their lunch.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We might be the equivilent to the "showmances" on some reality TV shows like Big Brother. They get in that house, hook-up and before long it's another showmance. They all expect it to go on outside the house, but usually things change.  Are we a "workmance"? If we were in the "real world" would things cool off? 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Elevator Fuck?

Yet another meeting in the elevator for Amber and myself. She was wearing another one of my favorite outfits that day. I tight blouse, which showed off her perky breast and a skirt about as short as she can get away with in this corporate environment. She started the day horny, and long before our morning break, she had already requested two fingers deep inside her. 

For the rest of the morning Nicole and I read the pulse & throb inducing words of Amber recapping a dream she woke up to. The dream involved her getting laid by some hunky guys at a beach. Evidently it was something like a pig roast and she was the pig. Anyway, she said retelling it was sending her over the edge. I was afraid she might be tempted to masturbate in the bathroom!

Amber: brb
Me: where you going?
Amber: rr
Me: don't you dare lady, I want some of that! 
Amber: don't worry, just going to pee

It was almost break, and I had to stand up to adjust a seemingly tangled Charlie. By the time I sat down there was another message from Amber.

Amber: can you meet me on the slo please?
Nicole: did you play a little in there?
Amber: Yes I did, but I didn't cum. Max, are you going to meet me in the slo? Now?
Me: meet me on 3
Amber: omw

and we were on our way... Since Amber was on the 2nd floor, she would catch the slo and ride to 3. All I had to do was take my time and the door would be opening as I got there. Typically, we liked to go "off-hour" so we didn't run into other breakers.  I rounded the corner just as the door was opening and could swear I saw the front of her skirt bounce once from a fall.  The fact that she appeared startled told me that she had started without me.  We smiled at each other as the door closed behind me. I casually grabbed her right "business" hand and brought it up for a sniff.  "smells like Cherie' to me", I said.  She felt a hard Charlie and asked me to unzip. Before I was able to get him out, she had turned her back to me, bent over and the bottom of her skirt was on her back.  She used both hands to spread her cheeks apart and I slipped into her natural wetness with ease.  I thought, this is freakin' unbelievable! We are at work, in the freight elevator, going from the 3rd floor to the 1st.... fucking! or are we? How many strokes constitute a fuck? Only 1 stroke  could be called a poke; so maybe anything more than 1 is a fuck. Is just being in her a fuck? Well, I didn't count, but we managed to get enough in & out action to make it very hard to stop. So fucking very hard to stop, but we had to. We got past the 2nd floor ding, but the next ding could be a disaster. After the second floor, I grabbed her hips and brought her closer to me. I could feel her PC muscles working overtime. 

Charlie was standing proud, as I quickly slammed him back in my pants.  "A couple more floors and we would have had a mess!", I told her.  She laughed and we both stepped out quietly talking about what just happened.  She blushed, "we just fucked in the elevator!" Yeah, I think that's what we did.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Little About Us

First, let me thank the new subscribers to SGT and the increase in hits. It's nice to know someone out there is interested, curious, disgusted, turned on, turned off or simply just like to see what pics are posted. Whatever the case, it's all good and appreciated. Since there have been several new visitors lately, I thought I would give everyone a little more info about who we are.

All the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent, but everything you read and see here is real & true. I don't always post right after the good stuff, but I try to get to it as soon as I can. Sometimes Twitter may contain the most up to date Good Trash or at least the plans for the next time we'll be together. I need to get better at that, but I do what I can.

Simply put, I'm a guy who works with a lot of wonderful women; two of which became my lovers over time. Nicole was the first... and we have always enjoyed our time together. Bringing someone else into our love nest never, I mean never crossed our minds. We worked our 8 hours, enjoyed our breaks, lunches and sometimes spent even more time after work in a nice bed. Wherever we were, it was always a hot time. The chemistry was there from the beginning. This went on for almost 2 years before Amber came along. We both knew Amber. We saw her as the typical corporate go-getter... and she was very much all business.  

Amber surprised me one Friday after work by giving me a call. I had no idea how she got my number, but it was cool because she was someone I had a great deal of respect for. That night she was on the verge of tears... explaining to me how she was cruelly challenged by a male subordinate who didn't like having a female boss. I listened and basically let her get it off her chest. To make a rather long story shorter, we ended up in my car the following Monday to further discuss what had become a very traumatic event for her. There was no physical contact that day, although now she admits to having a completely soaked pussy and wanting me to touch her somewhere, anywhere.

I guess I saw it in her eyes, because I thought maybe there was something else going on with her. She had no idea Nicole & I were lovers! For the rest of the week, we chatted, by Friday, it was a 3 way chat. 

The next week, the juices went flying! We were all over each other, and I decided to blog about it! Nicole & Amber are very much aware of this blog, as a matter of fact, they are co-authors and subscribers! If you've been following us for awhile, you are probably aware that neither has had a post or comment yet... yet.

I hope I've helped to fill in a few of the blanks. If there are any questions which I can actually answer, I would be glad to post the answers here for all to see.  

and by the way... we rarely discuss this blog and if we do, it's a short conversation. Our times together are very precious and we spend it following the passion.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This morning was very sad  and I really didn't feel like writing about any Sexy Good Trash... BUT after the TVs were turned off and the replay of 9/11 wasn't ringing in our ears, hearts and minds; all 3 of us decided that we had paid our respects for the first half of the day, and the second half would be dedicated to getting back to business! 
The weather even cooperated... it was cloudy this morning and looked like it might rain, but by lunch, the clouds were scattered and the sun was making today's debut. Things perked up when we left the building and drove off; having no idea where we were going or what we would do once we got there. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Top Ten Best Feelings of Our Sexy Good Trash!

10: seeing the words "I'm so wet, my chair is soaked" in early morning chat!

  9: taking a quick "break" before break, to insert fingers in two wet pussies!

  8: being ordered to the slo because Amber must have a taste of Charlie!

  7: Nicole & I having what appears to be a business conversation while her hands are under my desk rubbing my throbbing cock!

  6: Lifting Amber against the elevator wall and holding her at face level while eating her moist pussy and doing circles around her clit!

  5: Driving with my right hand buried between Nicole's legs!

  4: A full body hug and kiss with Nicole!

  3: Amber & Nicole's naked bodies in front of me; legs spread, dripping wet 
       and anxiously waiting for me to lick!

  2: From start to finish, getting the best head I've ever had from Amber
       while kissing Nicole!

      and the #1 best feeling of our Sexy Good Trash is being buried deep 
      inside the lush warmth of Nicole's pussy and watching Amber masturbate 
      next to us.

NOTE: These are my Top Ten only. I am forever working on getting a Top Ten contribution from both Amber & Nicole. We shall see...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Saw You Touch

I saw you slobber just before I entered
You sucked to bring me deeper and swallowed
Pounding hearts of rage being delivered
I saw you touch

The heat of sighs surrounded my hard
The workman tongue so tickled my helmet
How I told you it was my sweetest part
I saw you touch

I jump around from cheek to cheek
You gag me deeper then tease again
I see you touch and watch your jumps
I see the spit drip from your chin

You get so near my hard sits still
Tightly held with your lips around
I saw you touch and cum so good
My squirts are near and back-throat bound

I saw you slobber just before I came
You sucked to bring me deeper and swallowed
Pounding hearts of rage being delivered
All because I saw you touch

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Slo Day...

Today felt too much like Monday. Everything was in slow motion. People walked slower, talked slower and none of our coworkers wanted to be there.  Nicole was having a baaad hair day and only wanted to hide out at her cube. Before lunch, we hardly chatted. After Amber delivered Chipoltle, we all got a bit more animated... probably because half of a dreadful day was gone. We discussed work and what was going on with our closest cube mates. 

In the middle of that conversation, I got a call from Amber... she's in the echo filled bathroom touching herself. 

Me: what brought this on...we didn't say a word about sex?
Amber: I know, but I just saw "telco guy"!

Telco Guy manages the company phones. At any moment,  he might be crawling under your cube for one reason or another and showing half his little ass to you.  I had no interest, but Amber loved looking at him and fantasizing. He's the type of guy who walks by a window trying to find his own fineness in the reflection. An 80's throwback hipster, with his shirt collar turned up, and jet black hair hanging just long enough to be a rebel.  He's the same guy who works out not for any health benefit, but solely for the looks he gets from himself and others. 

Me: ohhh... did he pulse you with his presence? heh
Amber: yes
Me: did you touch yourself when you saw him?
Amber: I crossed my legs and went to swingtown! He has those tight tight slacks on again!
Me: the black ones?
Amber: and his shirt was half unbuttoned

Oh yeah, almost forgot... he looks way too young to remember John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, but he sure has the style down to a T.

Amber: he was working on Melodie's phone and I started soaking my chair. I wanted you to dip me, but you didn't seem too interested today.
Me: you should have asked?
Amber: I'm going to cum...

Her cum consisted of some very heavy breathing, as she was trying not to be loud. Her voice shuddered as she touched her clit one more time. I wanted to say something nasty, but at that moment I needed to keep my business hat on. 

Me: Thank you, you have a good day!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Sentimental Appreciation

We all wonder just how long these good times can last. Nothing last forever, and we have discussed this in depth. Maybe that's why we take such full advantage of every moment together. Every time we step in the elevator, a dark corner out of sight, or pull up a chair next to... we sneak a touch, a grab, anything we can get away with. There have been close calls. My finger just exiting a pussy in time before the door opens. Amber or Nicole, just standing up in time and discreetly wiping the extra wetness from their lips. Friends would ride the elevator with us and we would small talk them with a hard dick throbbing and wet pussies pulsing.

All 3 of us wonder just how long these good times can last. We know that they will come to an end, and we hope they will end amicably. Sometimes while sitting in the car at lunch, maybe touching each other, maybe just simply watching a soccer team practice; we discuss how this all happened and what in our lives, our personalities allowed it to be. We discuss our emotional and physical needs as if going down a list of what makes us who we are.

This is much more than sex. This is the ultimate experience of being human. When one allows you inside, really inside, into the soul, and you allow the same... it comes back to a word I've used before... magic. It's that time after sex, when you're laying there in each other's wetness, totally relaxed, discussing your hopes and dreams.

It's called Sexy Good Trash, but it sits atop a foundation of sentimental appreciation with a short term exploration of the mind, body & soul.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Female Bonding - Part II

Nicole stretched her hand out and whispered "hold me". She had run her hands through her hair and laid it all over the pillow under, and around her. Her lips were puckered as she squirmed around under Amber's tongue. I was transfixed on Nicole's face, watching her reactions. Her lips moved independently of each other. At times her entire mouth moved to one side or the other. She would look at me, smile; then her head would move involuntarily up, or to the other side.
Amber was way too busy, with two fingers in her pussy and a flicking tongue, to notice Nicole's subtle calls to me; let alone the fact that those three players had to travel an area of half the bed... as Nicole moved around a lot when she was excited. Whoever licked Nicole had to hold on as she bucked you around for a tasty ride.

Nicole's arm was still extended in my direction. I let go of my hard dick, took 2 steps to the bed and leaned over Nicole for a kiss. It was no accident that her outstretched arm was now between my legs. She gently cuffed my balls and guided me closer. I was letting her breath... kissing around her ear and down to her neck. She was close and based on previous experience, Nicole's hands... close to my balls... while she was cumming... was not an optimal position for me.

That aside, I wanted the full scale of what was going on. I wanted to see Amber eating her as she came, along with Nicole's full body reaction. I went back to my seat, still holding onto a hard dick.

Typical for Nicole, she let out a disappointing sigh, informing me that she was not happy that I left her side. She was still enjoying herself, but she wanted to share it with me. Whatever had been decided earlier in chat just got thrown out the window. I stood up and complied with her lusty request. Her tongue was hanging out the side of her mouth and there was a trail of spit running down her cheek. She wanted to lick Charlie. I climbed on the bed, got on my knees, and hoped that I read her right. I did...she turned her head and I leaned Charlie near her mouth. She put me in her mouth and held me deep
I looked around and Amber was still working on Betsy. She was slowly moving two fingers in and out. Amber's eyes got bigger, as she tilted her head up to see my dick getting sucked. All I could think of was not getting in the way. I wanted them to do what they wanted and only allowed this dick sucking because Nicole so sweetly requested it... and because it feels so damn good! I still wanted to watch... I wanted to see the full scene.

Amber was now using her fast fingers directly on Nicole's clit. This was my chance to step back, because Nicole didn't need my dick in her mouth as she gasp for air. I went back to my seat, now with a very spitty wet Charlie. I stroked hard & fast as I saw and heard Nicole's pre-cum ritual. She grabbed the sheets and contorted her face. She pumped her hips and kicked her legs in the air. I heard a pussy fart and knew the cum was close. Her stomach tightened and elevated...she pushed... Her pelvis arched up and forward into Amber. Amber hung in there, taking her tongue wherever Nicole's pussy & clit went. The audible wetness was now dripping from Amber's nose and chin. Nicole was having a squirt! When I saw all the wetness on Amber, I came on myself, by myself. Nicole's butt was still in the air...still gushing juices and I could see the soaked sheets beneath her.
All of a sudden Nicole brought her legs together and gave a little push back on Amber's head.

Nicole: ok, ok, ok, ohhhh my

Amber smiled and looked over at me... I could see she wanted to rest her head on a dry spot, but there was none in her chest was heaving...there was a string of cum hanging from the head of Charlie...Nicole laid there catching her breath... arms folded over and appearing to hug herself.