Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sit, Squat or Stand

How lucky is a woman? How fortunate you are to be able to walk into a grocery store's produce section and find something which will fill you and possibly thrill you. How lucky, especially when compared to a man.  No, I'm not mad at you, in fact I'm smiling as I type.  It's so easy for a woman to please herself when the inspiration hits her; and I'm so jealous of that fact.

Amber or Nicole can stroll into the ladies room, wait for a quiet moment and rip one off without much of a fuss. As much as those two have turned me on, the thought has crossed my mind a time or two, but I can't bring myself to do it. It seems to be way to much trouble.

Reasons I will never masturbate in the men's room at work:

1) when the need arises, I prefer to sit, standing would be the equivalent of advertising and walking to the rr with a hardon, past my buddies, my boss, small talkers, and the rest... no! and yes, I have a manbag and have used it for cover when I had no choice, like coming back from a "giving" lunch.  Sorry, I'm not going to skip off to the men's room, carrying my bag.  That visual freaks me out.  It's really ok if you are a man and you carry your bag to the men's room. It's just not for me.
2) the smell in there ruins it for me. nuff said
3) a hardon and sitting on the toilet doesn't always work so well. It stops me from pumping out and rocking to the convulsions, and hard to keep it in the bowl. It'll end up on the floor or door and I'll have to clean it up.
4) the clean up and the leakage after. My biggest, most draining cums are with someone... so after I masturbate, I'll probably leak out what didn't make the cut for the next 30 minutes... no fun.

So my dear Nicole, and my dear Amber, you take yourself in the ladies room anytime you want! Sit, stand or whatever you need to do to get to that place of pleasure. I will join you in spirit and help you if I can...but I will never cum in the men's room, sit, squat or stand!


Lilly said...

I suppose it could be easier for us....depends on the girl though. I kinda require a vibe on my clit, fingers would just take too damn long.
And so with the vibe, well.....yeah. It's noisy in that tiled room! And I work in a big building, it's rare for the bathroom to be unoccupied. As you well know though, I've pulled it off at my desk. VERY difficult though!
In a few months though, things will change a bit on that front.....

Joyce said...

More power to you! I have wanted to but never can get there. always afraid I'll get caught.