Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cumming Home to Roost

Amber was called into the office by her Manager yesterday. My heater is blowing cool air. Nicole's visit from Aunt Flo is late and when I slapped my car into tip-tronic mode, it slipped, then the check engine light came on and flashed! Why the hell is this convolution of unfortunate events happening?

I had no idea what was going on with Amber until 10 minutes ago. All possibilities ran across my nervous mind... did we get caught? Was there a camera in the elevator, put there because someone suspected what we were doing? She's a perfect employee; why would a manager call her into the office at such short notice. It couldn't be good.

I've also been informed by both Amber & Nicole, that I have not been in the best of moods lately. Could it be the holidays creepin' up on me faster than I want, or have the economic woes of the country finally come home to roost? Yes! Hell Yeah... the good side, at least gas cost less than $30 per damn tank!

Am I getting bored with our threesome? Do I need something different, something extra? Hell no... seriously, this is the flashing light of all highlights for me right now. I guess if it were ONLY the sex, I would probably be bored. That's not true, the sex is amazing! What keeps us going is that we truly love and appreciate each other... besides that... the white hot passion is still there. That's why I worry when Amber gets called in. Her and I tend to take more chances than Nicole would ever allow. If we are standing in line waiting to order food at Red, Hot & Blue; and she said she needed it; you might catch my middle finger half-way up her pussy as I tell the cashier how we want our ribs that day..."Wet for her and a dry rub for me, thank you".

So when my lovers tell me there's been a negative change in my mood, I check myself. I start digging. I first want to be sure everything is ok with us...that all 3 are still enjoying what's happening. From that point, I work my way out... speaking of work. I no longer enjoy my job. Could I actually be burned out, tired of it all, except for the opportunity it gives me to play in some risky business with both Amber & Nicole? YES

Everything changes, which reminds me, I need to check with Nicole about Aunt Flo.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DWM - Driving While Masturbating

An interesting question was asked on Twitter last night... to paraphrase, "how many women have masturbated while driving and had an orgasm?".  For most of us men, the thought of women driving around us cumming is a delicious visual, but I have a question... How do you maintain yourself and still  drive? I couldn't do it! Do you tone down the cum a bit so it's not one of your more powerful ones? Are you moving or at a stop light? A curious guy wants to know.

Personally, I know of two who have had orgasms while driving. Amber, who started while making long trips to and from a University, said that the vibration of the car is definitely an asset. The other DWM I'm aware of actually put her foot on the dash while using cruise control. Amazing! 

This is yet another example of the sexual superiority of women over men. Like M&M's (unless they squirt, (another nice thought))  there is no mess for a woman, like a man would make in that situation.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gonna Use My Fingers!

Telco Guy entered our world again the last time Amber went next door to get some breakfast goodies for Nicole & I. In case you've forgotten, Amber gets very excited anytime he's around. They just happened to meet each other at the elevator and ended up going to the cafeteria together.

Amber: you will not believe who I rode next door with?
Me: ?
Nicole: who?
Amber: Telco Guy! I asked him why he cut his hair and he said it was starting to bug his neck. I feel like such a school girl... a very wet & horny school girl! and I'm going to the ladies room right now to insert!
Me: hehe... Amber is that all you talked about was his hair?
Nicole: she's gone!

Amber had already left for the ladies room to insert a finger or two in her pussy... once again 

Nicole: Max, she already left. Do you think anything else happened? 
Me: I'm sure she'll let us know
Nicole: she better

We waited for her return. I sat there getting hard thinking about it

Amber: anything like what?
Me: how was it?
Amber: oh I pulsed the entire time we were in the elevator. He looks like he's been working out.
Me: no, how was your insert?
Amber: of course, I could have cum! Who's doing lunch today?
Nicole: well...
Amber: well what?
Me: Nicole & myself were gonna drive to Eatsies... bring back a surprise or two.
Amber: ok I guess I'll spend more time in the ladies room.
Nicole: Hey, you can go. You need it more than I do today.

and there goes Nicole, showing some sweetness yet again. But there's more to that story... She knew that Telco Guy made Amber horny, but she also knows how Amber can be when she doesn't get what she needs in a timely manner. Amber can be very demanding at that point. I love it, but I think it scares Nicole sometimes.  

Amber: are you sure? Nicole, don't do this if you are going to be upset with me after.
Nicole: I was really looking forward to the time with Max, but you need your cum and I'll take lunch tomorrow.
Amber: Max?
Me: whatever you two decide... as long as  Nicole is sure she's ok with it...
Amber: are you sure Nicole?
Nicole: I'm sure, I want to know how many times you cum after seeing your Telco Guy!
Amber: thank you sweetie

After all that, I was looking forward to both of them in the elevator giving each other a make-up hug and smooch. 

Nicole decided to ride down with Amber & I,  in order to give us both a turn on jolt before she sent us on our way.  Her and Amber hugged and said some reassuring words to each other... and they kissed... a gentle smacking kind of kiss, that said to each 'I really care for you'.  

Once Amber & I got in the car, she leaned the seat back and unfastened the clasp to her gray slacks, then the top button just below.

Me: hey babe, let me at least get out of the parking lot. there are windows in this building you know!
Amber: ok... sorry, I'm so ready!
Me: I guess so!

Once out of sight of the building, I slide me hand down her slacks. I purposely avoided her clit and tried to insert two fingers into her pussy.  I asked her to unbutton one or two more to give me better access.  Without missing a beat, she unbuttoned all five and pulled her slacks down to her ankles. They were now resting on the floorboard. She kicked off her flats and stepped out of one pant leg. Her legs were now free to spread and spread she did. I easily put two fingers in her now and she leaned back in the seat even more. Traffic was heavy that day. We got a late start, so we ended up on the highway with most of the lunch crowd. I tried to stay in the slow lane to better conceal this half naked women in my passenger seat. She didn't seem to care, she just wanted to be touched.

Me: was he wearing tight slacks? did you notice a bulge? did it grow as you stood there starring at it... wanting it?
Amber: yessss

Me: Did he take your hand and lay it on his cock, so you could feel the warmth, feel it grow... feel the throbs...

She didn't answer, but she was totally in the moment. 

Me: and then he let go of your hand, but your hand stayed on his cock. You wanting to curl your fingers if only so slightly, letting him know you want it... you need it.
He leaned back into the elevator wall and you followed... holding your hand in place over his cock, now firmly gripping his hardness as if it were all yours.
you licked his lips, thinking you had some kind of control, but he grabbed you around the waist and forced you into him.  His tight body felt good next to yours and you wanted to climb into him. He kissed you...kissed you as if he was making up for all those times he saw you... and wanted you... but no words were ever uttered.

We were halfway to Eatzies and Amber was thoroughly fucking my hand and saying "yessss" to everything I said. The high priced, high rise apartment buildings were only 2 or 3 blocks away and my fingers were still buried in her, trapped... forced to be there by a lover enjoying the last thrills of juicy cum.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hot Tub Lovers

It wasn't the best of feelings knowing my back was hurting on the same night I would host my lovers for some hot tub fun. Several times during the day, I wondered if I would be able to get in the 104 degree water.  As it turned out, all this worry and concern was for nothing. It caused some anxious moments, but even if I couldn't get in and participate, I knew I would enjoy watching Amber & Nicole do their thing.

The cooking was fairly easy and well within my capabilities. I asked and received an appropriate idea from "NookieNotes" on Twitter.  Although this is a sexblog, and not the Food Channel, sex & food are often very good partners in and out of bed. 

I chilled 2 bottles of a dry Riesling wine; half of one bottle I used in the honey mustard sauce (starting to sound like the Food Channel). The rest of that bottle we consumed as we dipped the grilled chicken pieces in a sauce that was so good we ended up licking it from each others fingers. I admit that I am normally not a finger licker... not even my own. If food gets on my fingers, that's when a napkin or paper towel come in handy... but on this night, with the wine complementing the sauce and the sauce complementing the wine, we were apt to lick anything that the sauce landed on.

I was the first one in the hot tub. The temperature beeped at 104, all the jets were on, and I wanted to give my back a real chance to recover from whatever had gone wrong. Actually at that moment, there was no pain. I had forgotten all about my little back issue. I got in and immediately melted into the flow of jets and the relaxing warmth of the water. I could no longer hear what Amber & Nicole were saying, but they were still having fun, so I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. I figured after only 15 minutes of high heat and a jet massage, I would be as good as new.

I opened my eyes to a naked body climbing the steps and throwing her leg into the water. She had two wine glasses in her hand and once she had both feet in, she sat my glass in a holder next to me. "You're sweet", I said, sitting up-right and lifting my head off the pillow. Nicole found her spot directly across from me.  We sipped our wine and she let out a sigh as she let her body go. Nicole had a long, contentious day at work and I swear I could see the nasty spirit of stress leave her in the form of steam lifting from her head & shoulders.
Amber climbed in with her glass and an almost full bottle of wine. She straddled me and sat down in my lap. While leaning over to set the wine in a holder, we kissed. The thing about being in water is that you can be as sloppy as you want; and we were every bit of sloppy. 

Honestly, I was still concerned about my back even though at the moment, it felt great. I mentioned it to Amber since she was getting very close to sitting on Charlie. "We'll be gentle babe", she said in a wet whisper.  She was playing a game with my cock... up and down, flowing with the water, using her legs to direct herself over Charlie. Up & down, I could feel when she missed and I slipped over the crack of her ass. Up & down, and how she would sit behind and let my harder cock graze over her pubic hairs. She was very gentle when it  would miss her pussy; lifting up slightly and guiding it into her. She sat down in my lap easy, but with a firmness that guided my cock to the end of her pussy. We were locked into each other from head to toe... hardly moving, but simply enjoying the heat, the jets,  all surrounding us in our embrace.

Nicole paddled over with a glass of wine and motioned for me to take a drink. I tried to tilt my head and she tried to pour some wine in my mouth. I got a taste, but most of it ended up running down my chin and left cheek.  So there I was, sitting in a hot tub with a stiff cock in Amber and Nicole licking wine off my face.  

Nicole: Amber, can I have some?

Amber reached for the bottle of wine...

Nicole: No, I want some Charlie!

Amber: Charlie who?

Nicole: The Charlie Cock inside of you, That's who!

Nicole was playfully nibbling on Amber's earlobe, asking her if she really liked that ear or not. 
Amber laughed and gracefully lifted from my cock. I sipped more wine and Nicole took her place on my lap. She eased my cock in her and rocked her hips back and forth far too gentle for my taste.

Me: hey... ok you guys are being waaay too gentle, do you want to fuck me or not.
Nicole: just being careful with your back babe
Me: it's fine...really. between the wine and being in here, it feels great. I'll let you know if I feel pain. So far so fucking good.
Amber: is that just your horny talking?
Nicole: probably

Ok, now they are going to try to hurt me! We laughed and had a three-way kiss where we basically licked each others lips. Nicole was moving faster over Charlie and still trying to kiss and breathe.  

Nicole: you ok?
Me: no worries, you feel so good!

She was leaning back into the water. I held her wrist and she moved her hips into mine. She found a spot and didn't change. We looked at each other until her eyes rolled and her head turned towards Amber. Amber quickly moved through the water and kissed Nicole; holding her head up and grabbing her breast, which were bouncing just beneath the foam.  Nicole's movements were forcing water over the edges. With every splash the water careened over my face. She was cumming and every instinct of mine was to force it deeper... pump her back... make her scream with pleasure. I relaxed and let her have her way. She had found a spot inside and I didn't want to risk a mis-fire. Her body lurched forward and she grabbed my shoulders, riding the waters wave. She came! Now she was going up and down and still cumming around my cock. When she finished, she sat down hard on top of me. I wanted more movement, because now I was close. The cum was quickly working it's way up with every slight move of her muscles. All she could manage was more involuntary squeezes, and that was working its magic on my cock. Her Betsy was happy and pulsing around me. I came in her in one steady flow. Her pussy tightened around me and her nails dug into my shoulders. I was so afraid of hugging her too tight, I released her. We kissed as more cum flowed.

I leaned back and Amber poured the rest of the wine over my head. 

Amber: how's your back? 

Nicole slowly got up and sat on the edge of the hot tub. She was thirsty and quickly finished the rest of her wine.

Me: my back is great! no more back talk ok? 
Amber: ok babe... did you cum?
Nicole: ohh...yes he did!
Me: yes
Amber: you two are so fucking hot together! I loved it!

Amber was now standing in the center of the hot tub and touching herself.  "Hand me that", she said, pointing at the nearly empty bottle of wine.