Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Elevator Fuck?

Yet another meeting in the elevator for Amber and myself. She was wearing another one of my favorite outfits that day. I tight blouse, which showed off her perky breast and a skirt about as short as she can get away with in this corporate environment. She started the day horny, and long before our morning break, she had already requested two fingers deep inside her. 

For the rest of the morning Nicole and I read the pulse & throb inducing words of Amber recapping a dream she woke up to. The dream involved her getting laid by some hunky guys at a beach. Evidently it was something like a pig roast and she was the pig. Anyway, she said retelling it was sending her over the edge. I was afraid she might be tempted to masturbate in the bathroom!

Amber: brb
Me: where you going?
Amber: rr
Me: don't you dare lady, I want some of that! 
Amber: don't worry, just going to pee

It was almost break, and I had to stand up to adjust a seemingly tangled Charlie. By the time I sat down there was another message from Amber.

Amber: can you meet me on the slo please?
Nicole: did you play a little in there?
Amber: Yes I did, but I didn't cum. Max, are you going to meet me in the slo? Now?
Me: meet me on 3
Amber: omw

and we were on our way... Since Amber was on the 2nd floor, she would catch the slo and ride to 3. All I had to do was take my time and the door would be opening as I got there. Typically, we liked to go "off-hour" so we didn't run into other breakers.  I rounded the corner just as the door was opening and could swear I saw the front of her skirt bounce once from a fall.  The fact that she appeared startled told me that she had started without me.  We smiled at each other as the door closed behind me. I casually grabbed her right "business" hand and brought it up for a sniff.  "smells like Cherie' to me", I said.  She felt a hard Charlie and asked me to unzip. Before I was able to get him out, she had turned her back to me, bent over and the bottom of her skirt was on her back.  She used both hands to spread her cheeks apart and I slipped into her natural wetness with ease.  I thought, this is freakin' unbelievable! We are at work, in the freight elevator, going from the 3rd floor to the 1st.... fucking! or are we? How many strokes constitute a fuck? Only 1 stroke  could be called a poke; so maybe anything more than 1 is a fuck. Is just being in her a fuck? Well, I didn't count, but we managed to get enough in & out action to make it very hard to stop. So fucking very hard to stop, but we had to. We got past the 2nd floor ding, but the next ding could be a disaster. After the second floor, I grabbed her hips and brought her closer to me. I could feel her PC muscles working overtime. 

Charlie was standing proud, as I quickly slammed him back in my pants.  "A couple more floors and we would have had a mess!", I told her.  She laughed and we both stepped out quietly talking about what just happened.  She blushed, "we just fucked in the elevator!" Yeah, I think that's what we did.


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Anonymous said...

something like that happened to me recently. Although it was a finger, it was exciting as hell. he didn't want to wash that finger. :)

Josh said...

hmmm makes one wonder just how much of this goes on at work. I'm just pissed I don't have something going on. Hell I'm lucky to get the maintenance girl to say hi. if I was ceo I would put a camera in all the elevators then sell the videos! did you check for cameras?

Anonymous said...

surprise, you're not ceo!