Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Boss from Hell!

What have I been doing for the last few weeks? Hell, what have I been doing for the last year! Yes, it was my boss a little over a year ago. My female boss who used and pleasantly abused me. It was pleasant to a point. When you are fucking your boss, it never ends well. You will always be compromised. He or she will always ask more of you than you are willing to give. She didn't want me fucking anyone else at work but her. The bitch. What a fucking bitch!!!

Amber was laid off and Nicole got another job and that was the end of our 3 way. I was left with this boss I couldn't stand and a pussy I had to fuck, lick & suck whether I wanted to or not. Goddamn I hated going to work everyday. I couldn't avoid her. The bitch had me by the balls and she knew I had bills.

I didn't last long... in late March of '09, I quit my job. I told my boss to go fuck herself... go control-alt-delete herself, and I was out of there!

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