Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gonna Use My Fingers!

Telco Guy entered our world again the last time Amber went next door to get some breakfast goodies for Nicole & I. In case you've forgotten, Amber gets very excited anytime he's around. They just happened to meet each other at the elevator and ended up going to the cafeteria together.

Amber: you will not believe who I rode next door with?
Me: ?
Nicole: who?
Amber: Telco Guy! I asked him why he cut his hair and he said it was starting to bug his neck. I feel like such a school girl... a very wet & horny school girl! and I'm going to the ladies room right now to insert!
Me: hehe... Amber is that all you talked about was his hair?
Nicole: she's gone!

Amber had already left for the ladies room to insert a finger or two in her pussy... once again 

Nicole: Max, she already left. Do you think anything else happened? 
Me: I'm sure she'll let us know
Nicole: she better

We waited for her return. I sat there getting hard thinking about it

Amber: anything like what?
Me: how was it?
Amber: oh I pulsed the entire time we were in the elevator. He looks like he's been working out.
Me: no, how was your insert?
Amber: of course, I could have cum! Who's doing lunch today?
Nicole: well...
Amber: well what?
Me: Nicole & myself were gonna drive to Eatsies... bring back a surprise or two.
Amber: ok I guess I'll spend more time in the ladies room.
Nicole: Hey, you can go. You need it more than I do today.

and there goes Nicole, showing some sweetness yet again. But there's more to that story... She knew that Telco Guy made Amber horny, but she also knows how Amber can be when she doesn't get what she needs in a timely manner. Amber can be very demanding at that point. I love it, but I think it scares Nicole sometimes.  

Amber: are you sure? Nicole, don't do this if you are going to be upset with me after.
Nicole: I was really looking forward to the time with Max, but you need your cum and I'll take lunch tomorrow.
Amber: Max?
Me: whatever you two decide... as long as  Nicole is sure she's ok with it...
Amber: are you sure Nicole?
Nicole: I'm sure, I want to know how many times you cum after seeing your Telco Guy!
Amber: thank you sweetie

After all that, I was looking forward to both of them in the elevator giving each other a make-up hug and smooch. 

Nicole decided to ride down with Amber & I,  in order to give us both a turn on jolt before she sent us on our way.  Her and Amber hugged and said some reassuring words to each other... and they kissed... a gentle smacking kind of kiss, that said to each 'I really care for you'.  

Once Amber & I got in the car, she leaned the seat back and unfastened the clasp to her gray slacks, then the top button just below.

Me: hey babe, let me at least get out of the parking lot. there are windows in this building you know!
Amber: ok... sorry, I'm so ready!
Me: I guess so!

Once out of sight of the building, I slide me hand down her slacks. I purposely avoided her clit and tried to insert two fingers into her pussy.  I asked her to unbutton one or two more to give me better access.  Without missing a beat, she unbuttoned all five and pulled her slacks down to her ankles. They were now resting on the floorboard. She kicked off her flats and stepped out of one pant leg. Her legs were now free to spread and spread she did. I easily put two fingers in her now and she leaned back in the seat even more. Traffic was heavy that day. We got a late start, so we ended up on the highway with most of the lunch crowd. I tried to stay in the slow lane to better conceal this half naked women in my passenger seat. She didn't seem to care, she just wanted to be touched.

Me: was he wearing tight slacks? did you notice a bulge? did it grow as you stood there starring at it... wanting it?
Amber: yessss

Me: Did he take your hand and lay it on his cock, so you could feel the warmth, feel it grow... feel the throbs...

She didn't answer, but she was totally in the moment. 

Me: and then he let go of your hand, but your hand stayed on his cock. You wanting to curl your fingers if only so slightly, letting him know you want it... you need it.
He leaned back into the elevator wall and you followed... holding your hand in place over his cock, now firmly gripping his hardness as if it were all yours.
you licked his lips, thinking you had some kind of control, but he grabbed you around the waist and forced you into him.  His tight body felt good next to yours and you wanted to climb into him. He kissed you...kissed you as if he was making up for all those times he saw you... and wanted you... but no words were ever uttered.

We were halfway to Eatzies and Amber was thoroughly fucking my hand and saying "yessss" to everything I said. The high priced, high rise apartment buildings were only 2 or 3 blocks away and my fingers were still buried in her, trapped... forced to be there by a lover enjoying the last thrills of juicy cum.

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