Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Top Ten Best Feelings of Our Sexy Good Trash!

10: seeing the words "I'm so wet, my chair is soaked" in early morning chat!

  9: taking a quick "break" before break, to insert fingers in two wet pussies!

  8: being ordered to the slo because Amber must have a taste of Charlie!

  7: Nicole & I having what appears to be a business conversation while her hands are under my desk rubbing my throbbing cock!

  6: Lifting Amber against the elevator wall and holding her at face level while eating her moist pussy and doing circles around her clit!

  5: Driving with my right hand buried between Nicole's legs!

  4: A full body hug and kiss with Nicole!

  3: Amber & Nicole's naked bodies in front of me; legs spread, dripping wet 
       and anxiously waiting for me to lick!

  2: From start to finish, getting the best head I've ever had from Amber
       while kissing Nicole!

      and the #1 best feeling of our Sexy Good Trash is being buried deep 
      inside the lush warmth of Nicole's pussy and watching Amber masturbate 
      next to us.

NOTE: These are my Top Ten only. I am forever working on getting a Top Ten contribution from both Amber & Nicole. We shall see...

1 comment:

Rodman said...

:) excellant top 10, but what about when the two girls do each other? That must rank up there uh? like the pic too!