Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Proud Nicole Does Amber

I wondered just how Nicole would do Amber at lunch. I also thought there was a possibility that they would have a sit down meal, then give me a "story"; but I know Amber better than that. If Nicole didn't help, Amber would take matters into her own hands. It's happened before. There have been times while driving in heavy traffic, she would simply start without me. A couple of those times, she also finished! So, I have no doubts that if she needed to cum, she was going to do so no matter what.

Nicole is the "people pleaser". She desires to leave everyone with a smile. Not a bad trait at all, but it did allow room for doubts; at least in my mind. Sometimes I thought she only wanted to know how I felt, so she could decide what to give me or how to act. Again, not totally a bad thing, but I always tend to dig a little in order to find out how SHE really feels and what SHE really wants: "give to me because you want to, not just because you think I want". Well, it turns out, she really wanted to make Amber cum. I mean, she is one proud puppy that Amber had 2 cums under the wiggle of her fingers. The following is a slice of our chat after lunch...

Nicole: you want to smell my fingers before I wash 'em
Me: I'm surprised you waited this long! you bet!
Nicole: well, I wanted to enjoy it a little  hehe
Amber: she didn't stop!
Me: ?
Amber: after I came the first time, she never stopped. she put a finger in me and rubbed me until I came again!
Me: wow nicole, you go girl! hehe
Nicole: I didn't know, so I kept going. did I scratch you?
Amber: oh no, I'm still pulsing, it felt so good thank you
Me: as nicole would say... wrooor
Nicole: you want a hug?
Amber: omw
Me: hey!!!

Shit, it all sounded so good and I wanted to sniff that finger of Nicole's, but... This was like their afterglow. They needed that hug. 

I still had plenty of work to do, and it got really hard to get back into after hearing about their lunch.

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KTSexgirl said...

I'm about to get fucked. playing with myself now. Thinking about your friends wroor would like to hear more about that cum!