Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Slo Day...

Today felt too much like Monday. Everything was in slow motion. People walked slower, talked slower and none of our coworkers wanted to be there.  Nicole was having a baaad hair day and only wanted to hide out at her cube. Before lunch, we hardly chatted. After Amber delivered Chipoltle, we all got a bit more animated... probably because half of a dreadful day was gone. We discussed work and what was going on with our closest cube mates. 

In the middle of that conversation, I got a call from Amber... she's in the echo filled bathroom touching herself. 

Me: what brought this on...we didn't say a word about sex?
Amber: I know, but I just saw "telco guy"!

Telco Guy manages the company phones. At any moment,  he might be crawling under your cube for one reason or another and showing half his little ass to you.  I had no interest, but Amber loved looking at him and fantasizing. He's the type of guy who walks by a window trying to find his own fineness in the reflection. An 80's throwback hipster, with his shirt collar turned up, and jet black hair hanging just long enough to be a rebel.  He's the same guy who works out not for any health benefit, but solely for the looks he gets from himself and others. 

Me: ohhh... did he pulse you with his presence? heh
Amber: yes
Me: did you touch yourself when you saw him?
Amber: I crossed my legs and went to swingtown! He has those tight tight slacks on again!
Me: the black ones?
Amber: and his shirt was half unbuttoned

Oh yeah, almost forgot... he looks way too young to remember John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, but he sure has the style down to a T.

Amber: he was working on Melodie's phone and I started soaking my chair. I wanted you to dip me, but you didn't seem too interested today.
Me: you should have asked?
Amber: I'm going to cum...

Her cum consisted of some very heavy breathing, as she was trying not to be loud. Her voice shuddered as she touched her clit one more time. I wanted to say something nasty, but at that moment I needed to keep my business hat on. 

Me: Thank you, you have a good day!


Lilly said...

LOL that was ballsy, on both ends. I've been outside restrooms, whether they're private or not, people outside can hear you. More than you think.

Anonymous said...

will we get to see telco guy?