Sunday, October 19, 2008

8 Hands & The Moola Mantra Part 2

Me: I'm so fucking glad we kept the room! 
Nicole: that was so much fun. I can't believe what just happened. Amber, are you ok?
Amber: yes!
Me: are you sore?
Amber: yes, but a good sore. ahhhhhh man, I'm just used up... just used up.

Amber was down in the back seat completely exhausted. Her face was still flush and she wasn't moving a muscle. Her words were coming out like it was the hardest thing for her to do. She labored in her own pleasure. I pulled the car next to the main office to return the key. Originally this room was for lunch, but it didn't work out that way with me having to skip, and Amber needing to take only 30 minutes. I did take a short break in order to call Ann's number I found on Craigslist, and we were very lucky to get her on such short notice.

After returning to the car, I opened the backdoor and kissed Amber on the forehead.

Me: are you sure you're ok? Here's a Sprite.
Amber: thank you!

There was a certain euphoric sense in the car as we drove back to work. I asked Amber if she was ok to drive, as a joke, but neither Amber or Nicole thought it was very funny. Not only was the car filled with euphoria, but it was also filled with a light smell of soap and funk - some kind of new musky perfume I wish I could bottle and sell!
Once we got to the parking lot, Nicole and I leaned back into our seats and sighed.  Neither of them were in any hurry to get out of the car and start supporting their own weight just yet; especially Amber.  She was still in the same position; since the last time I looked. I wasn't really worried about her at that point, because she had that sweet "after-sex-smile".  That smile of confirmation that most men need to see... that says we did ok.  I do try not to ask the all too typical "did you cum?", but I do like to see that smile. 

Amber: what did she have in me?
Amber: what did she have in my pussy?
Nicole: she wrote it down for me and I put it in my purse - some online store
Amber: oh good, cause I want one
Nicole: me too! I didn't ask her, but does it have more than one speed? I should have asked her.
Amber: I have no idea babe, who cares.

It was nice to hear Amber come alive. She grunted a little as she sat up and put her hands on both of our necks.

Amber: thank you-you two...thank you.  Cherie is still pulsing deep inside! 
Nicole: it was like when she turned on that music...
Me: yeah, we all melted...

It was like Ann's Hands were dancing to the music; dancing on the back of Amber. Nicole and I smiled at each other knowing that our lover was enjoying every moment of this.  We wanted to watch the entire massage, but we also wanted to have some fun ourselves.  I spooned her, nibbled on her ear and kissed her neck. Now we both were on our sides and facing the massage table. Ann was working on Amber's legs. Her entire body was shinning with massage oil. 

The site of another woman touching Amber turned us both on. Charlie was hard and I could feel how wet Nicole was from the front.

Nicole: put it in me!

She spread her legs slightly and I went to put it in, but only teased. The head of my dick went in her and stopped. I wanted her to beg a little. We were watching Ann massage Amber's butt and inner thighs. 

Me: I bet she's soaking wet... I know Cherie is quivering
Nicole: yeah
Me: you want some more?
Nicole: put it in me! please...

Nicole's voice was getting softer, but not any weaker. She wanted my hard dick in her and she wanted it now. Her butt was pressing back into me and Charlie was between her legs. The way it was positioned and the way she was moving, I could have cum without Charlie ever being inside of her. We were still watching a sexy Ann massage Amber's butt. She was taking her time and I'm sure she could hear Amber's exhales, because we could. I reached down and Nicole spread her legs again. This time I put my entire dick in her.... sliding in & out a few times, then slamming it deep in her pussy. I held it there and we both tried to relax; everything but Charlie & Betsy. Every time I put pressure on her clit, Betsy would tighten around me, sending the throbs through my hips & legs; forcing me even deeper inside.

Nicole: she's going to leave a wet spot on that table and I bet her nipples are hard
Me: yah think? she may leave more than a wet spot

I wanted to ask Amber how she was doing, but I didn't want to disturb her in whatever world she was in. So Nicole and I whispered; making educated guesses as to just how turned on this was making her. We figured when Ann had her roll over, Amber would just go at it... start touching herself until she came, just to take the edge off.

Nicole: if she does, I'll get up and grab her hands. 
Me: ok
Nicole: then lick her fingers

Charlie jumped inside of her, which set off a pussy pulse from Betsy, which set off a throb... which set off... you get the idea.

Amber turned over facing us and smiled. We all heard a little pussy fart as she maneuvered to her back. Her legs were together, just as they are when she masturbates, but she kept her hands at her side. Ann spread her feet apart and put two small pillows under each knee and one under her head. Amber's hands were grabbing the table, not out of fear, but Nicole & I knew it was because she wanted to cum. I whispered, "relax". I'm not sure she heard me, but as Ann walked around her, she put each of Amber's hands flat on the table. 

Ann was bending over digging into her over sized gym bag again.  She pulled out something which was hidden in it's own smaller bag... looked like a soft eyeglass case.

Ann: Amber... this is Jack!

Amber didn't say anything and both Nicole & I quickened the short pumps we started once Amber was on her back.

Ann: would you like to feel Jack as I continue my massage?
Amber: Hi Jack!  yes, I'm about to... oh fuck!!!!!

Ann slid Jack in her and held the remote control up to show us. She turned it on and Amber's toes pointed forward. 

Ann: try to relax as much as you can.

When we heard the little hum from Jack and saw Amber's response; Nicole & I could no longer continue with our lazy fuck. There was no more letting my dick rest deep inside. Nicole's butt smacked into me and I pounded into her. We were still watching Ann & Amber but we were fucking our horny ass's off now. All the smacking and heavy breathing was getting to Amber. She was now grabbing both breast and in rhythm with us. I tried to kiss Nicole, but she started to cum and let out a loud cry. Amber tried to look around at us when Ann turned Jack's speed up and got her attention back on her own impending cummage.

As Nicole's pussy creamed around Charlie; Ann motioned for us to join her.  She had the bottle of oil in the air and waited for us to get out of bed. With our hands well lubricated, and the Jack vibrator at full speed, we all touched Amber. Sliding up and down her body and over our own. Amber's senses were overwhelmed with pleasure from all the hands... all the touching. Ann held Jack in her pussy and over her clit. We could hear the little pearl balls colliding in her, offering Amber a sensation she had never felt before.

Amber held on to my wrist as she came... as she burst out of herself over and over again. Cums like this prove female superiority when it comes to having an orgasm. I didn't think it would ever end. Amber has been here before... where one drops off, another one comes on... and again and again...  We were all cheering her on...

Ann: you go!
Nicole: come on baby, let it out, let it out.

Nicole was moving to the other side of the table and grabbed Charlie on the way. I followed her or should I say my dick followed her. She bent over the table, her hand on Amber's thigh and I put Charlie in. We were fucking again... shaking the table one way, while Ann & Amber shock it the other. Ann was still holding Jack in place, and was now kissing Amber's stomach.  That was it! Shit... now we knew Ann was into it, and that was all it took. I exploded in Nicole and we both collapsed on Amber.

Amber was still having some after-shocks - Ann was now at the sink washing Jack; and Nicole was on the bed telling us how shaky her legs were. I kissed Amber and joined Nicole. Spreading my tired legs on the bed; all of us lay in silence. A very peaceful silence.

Nicole gave me the info to pass on to everyone about Jack, it is why I now have a TooTimid link on the sidebar.  I've seen it work! 



Nelson said...

is that a photo of Amber or Nicole?

Max said...

Amber... btw she did get up and we got back to work on time!