Saturday, October 25, 2008

"What did you do for lunch?"

That's a question I hear way too often, and there have been times when I came very close to telling them exactly what went on...

"oh dude, you wouldn't believe it. I took two girls to lunch and on the drive there, I fingered one while the other one was in the backseat playing with herself. Oh man, it was fuckin righteous, the one I was touching came before we got to the park and the other one was so fucking turned on, she got naked and laid down in the backseat for me to fuck her. You would not believe how wet she was! So I licked her a little, while the one in the front seat sucked my dick..."

He would look at me like I had just lost every vital brain cell and say, "oh oh yeah right man, where did you really go?"

"I went to get a Whooper dude, you want some fries?"

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