Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Milk & Cookies

It was a beautiful day, not unlike the last few days here, plenty of sun and a gentle breeze. It's starting to feel like fall and we didn't want to sit in the car during lunch. The confinement and limitations of our vehicles was simply not good enough that day.  We figured we would walk for half a lunch and come back to the car for some fun. 

We started on the path which we had watched and mostly ignored countless patrons walk, jog, blade, or smoke; while we reclined and quietly exchanged orgasms... prairie dogging to see if anyone had noticed our sensual whimpers.  The path circled into a thicket of trees, which we leisurely made our way into.  Hiding just beyond the concrete path, we hugged and kissed. This is usually all it took to ignite any fires within. We immediately needed to find a better hiding place in order to do a bit more, or so we thought.

The panties had already been taken off as usual, and the skirt was gracefully flowing in the wind. I had been teased enough during our walk and I wanted to see her butt now.  Unfortunately, that's pretty much all I would get to do that day. She turned her back to me and leaned into a tree, bending over just far enough for me to see her lovely cheeks.  She then brought one foot to the left, and one foot to the right; spreading out her welcome mat.  I lowered myself and kissed a cheek, then heard a noise. I paused, figuring it was one of the many squirrels jumping tree branches. While kissing the other cheek and anticipating the taste of her pussy juices, I heard it again! This time I stood up to see a dog chasing something, and a white-bearded man chasing his dog. He was a big guy, in both directions. He wore some kind of suspenders, which you don't usually see in real life. His gut stressed the straps so much they were cutting into his white t-shirt and shoulders. I immediately decided I didn't like him much. I gave him a down-head nod and he walked by, re-leashing is dog like it was all a plan. I half expected someone beyond the trees to yell "cut". 

We wondered how long he had watched us, and what he had seen. He looked like St. Nick, but he sure ruined our milk & cookies.  We quickly walked back to the car,  imagining that he and his dog were hiding, witnessing our lust until the dog caught the scent of something... or maybe the first sound I heard was a stick being thrown for the dog to fetch... but why would he had thrown it at THAT moment. Things were just getting started. We went on and on with this... got in the car and we both kept adding to the story of this man and his dog. We both came and laughed. What a scary fun lunch it was!

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