Thursday, March 4, 2010

1 More Time 4 Old Lovers

There is a plan in the works for us to get together again. It's been a long time but we both are looking forward to it. Nicole said she is a little nervous because of all the time that's passed, but I think any nerves we feel initally will be washed away by our bodies knowing exactly what to do.
No pressure. We'll only do what comes naturally, as we did for so many years... Hugs & kisses and maybe some fully clothed spooning. It could also turn into a full out love & fuck session... Playing in each other's juices for a couple of hours.

There is also the possibility that nothing at all will happen. She may not be able to handle the guilt. You know, the marriage. She still has desires and I know her heart and that it's hard for her to deal with. I let her know that I was open to us getting together of course, but I'm not pushing it.

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iguy said...

Wow.. sorry to hear how things have gone. It sure sounds like the 3 of you just need to get together and move somewhere as a group. Live as a set of lovers.