Wednesday, March 31, 2010

After Dark

I must tell you that this get together was so much more than sex. It was nearly a spiritual experience! We were there for a reunion of the mind body & spirit. The realization that we had never been together after dark was exciting in some kind of childhood fantasy way. Like we were out late playing around and we knew our mother's were calling us to come home.

Our bodies were on fire! Our hearts pounded, not from nervousness, but from the shear thrill & anticipation of the moment. It was like standing atop the bridge and the bungee harness is tied and everyone is counting down... 5...4...3...2...1

It's still hard to believe how easy this was to do. Once our mind caught up with the rest of us, the soul was one... I told you, it was spiritual, but the sex was amazing too. Cumming in her was like renewing a union that had been broken by circumstance and now we had a chance to tap into what really brought us together... Love, a deep ever-lasting love, but also a love which could only go so far.

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