Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We Held Hands

I had never seen her wear tight jeans like that before. She always liked the loose fit, the comfy, almost pj jeans. Above the snug fitting denim rest a solid white shirt with tails just below and under a vest. She looked sharp! Her hair had just been cut above the shoulders. I usually like longer hair on a woman, but this had a distinct, almost Hollywood styling. It was bouncy and full of attitude. Not too formal, and close enough to bed-head to be sexy as hell!

We held hands and drew our bodies close. We smiled. I put my hands around her tiny waist and she walked into my body. We kissed. It was like being home again. All the same sparks ignited. I was hard as we walked to the bed. She sat down, but I just wanted to admire her more.

The Hotel was on my way home and only 5 minutes away from her house. I arrived at 5:35, but she wouldn't be there until 6:45. I was over tired from a lack of sleep the night before, so I thought I might take a nap. That never happened. There wasn't a chance in hell I would be able to calm myself down long enough to sleep. It wasn't that I was nervous... OK, maybe a little, but I wasn't nervous for myself. I was nervous for her. I was worried about what she would have to go through to get here. What lies did she have to tell, and what were these lies doing to her. I wondered if she would be able to relax.

She texted me for the room number when she arrived.

Me: 201
Nicole: Come outside

I rode the elevator down to open the door for her and what I saw was not a woman who would have a problem relaxing. I saw my lover who was ready to please and be pleased.

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