Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Elevator

Nicole is so sweet. She is unknowingly sexy, intelligent and full of life. What she saw in me, I can only guess, but from the beginning, we were always honest with each other. That appreciation for the honesty we shared exploded when we talked about our sexual feelings. We always shared our state of sex; last time we masturbated, what turned us on and if we were turned on now. More often than not, we got extremely horny for each other and wanted to show those emerging emotional & sexual connections. Breaks and lunches became our outlet. We often escaped our work duties for 15 minutes of sexual eruptions. We had two elevators to choose from. The first, and nearest to us, was the “regular” and most used. It would zip you up and down at a normal rate. 90% of the time we selected option B, and that was the freight elevator.

This option was agonizingly slow if you were doing the typical chore; but dripping wet with kissing, touching and long hugs if you had other intentions. She wrapped one leg around me and pulled me in closer as we hugged and kissed. I grabbed my favorite butt and squeezed. We could hear the beeps as we passed a floor and disengaged slightly, anticipating that the door would open and some co-worker would find us under passion’s spell. When the threat had passed, she grabbed my hard dick and stroked me through my thin slacks. I unzipped, reached in and set it free for some skin to skin contact. Her touch almost brought me to my knees. At that moment, she could have anything she wanted. My sweet Nicole was doing something neither of us ever imagined doing. Usually there was only time for one of us to get most of the attention, but that day my hand had a mind of its own and found a quick route to her pussy. I wanted to know if she was as wet as she said in chat. My hand got there in a hurry, but slid down her stomach slowly. I did not want to surprise her, because this was all knew to us. We had never done this before. She apologized for not shaving. I kissed her on the neck and slipped into an oasis. She was gushing. I felt wetness before I got to her pussy. I gently circled around her clit and her pelvis arched into my hand. She moaned, still holding onto my dick and squeezing me as my hand maneuvered between her legs. I put one finger in her and we both heard the wetness. We moaned. The elevator was close to our floor, I managed to zip up and her skirt fell down and happily bounced. The door opened.


Lilly said...

Shame the freight elevators here aren't anything like that....

wow. i liked this one

Sexy Brat said...

Ok...I think I understand a bit more now. Good read.