Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Sentimental Appreciation

We all wonder just how long these good times can last. Nothing last forever, and we have discussed this in depth. Maybe that's why we take such full advantage of every moment together. Every time we step in the elevator, a dark corner out of sight, or pull up a chair next to... we sneak a touch, a grab, anything we can get away with. There have been close calls. My finger just exiting a pussy in time before the door opens. Amber or Nicole, just standing up in time and discreetly wiping the extra wetness from their lips. Friends would ride the elevator with us and we would small talk them with a hard dick throbbing and wet pussies pulsing.

All 3 of us wonder just how long these good times can last. We know that they will come to an end, and we hope they will end amicably. Sometimes while sitting in the car at lunch, maybe touching each other, maybe just simply watching a soccer team practice; we discuss how this all happened and what in our lives, our personalities allowed it to be. We discuss our emotional and physical needs as if going down a list of what makes us who we are.

This is much more than sex. This is the ultimate experience of being human. When one allows you inside, really inside, into the soul, and you allow the same... it comes back to a word I've used before... magic. It's that time after sex, when you're laying there in each other's wetness, totally relaxed, discussing your hopes and dreams.

It's called Sexy Good Trash, but it sits atop a foundation of sentimental appreciation with a short term exploration of the mind, body & soul.

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Anonymous said...

well said! when you think about it, it is all temporary.