Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cold Morning In The Park

The windows were already fogging up and all Amber did was start stroking my cock. I got hard in a quick minute and asked if she would put her mouth on me. As she started leaning over to the passenger side, Charlie began its rhythmic contractions in anticipation. The warmth of her breath surrounding my cock was enough to awaken 4 days worth of cum. The dexterity of her overworked tongue tickled all the right places. She went down as far as she could, then came up and without swallowing; let the spit drip over the head.
Her free hand was already pulling down her elastic pants. By the time I opened my eyes, she was half undressed and climbing between the seats to lay down in the back. She pulled her blouse and grabbed her breast, as if to keep them warm. My pants were already at my ankles. I turned left, went over the hump, and rested between her thighs. My cock found its way into her pussy without a touch and we kissed.
It was still dark out, but we only had 20 minutes before having to be at work. We could have laid there... me in her, talking, kissing and caressing for twice as long as we had. That's what we wanted... time... more time to just be with each other and slowly build to a place we knew existed, but had only reached a few times. I promised Amber that we would take a 2 hour lunch sometime soon, so we could do just that. Her pussy and arms followed suit as they both held me tight.

After a quick butt-kiss, I got up on my arms and withdrew Charlie from her pussy until the tip could feel the cold air. She crossed her legs and tried to force me back in, but I controlled the entry and slowly re-gifted her every inch I took away. I looked around to make sure no other cars had entered our park. The only sounds were a few tree branches being blown together in a cold wind. Amber and I were still protected by darkness. We kissed deeply and she rocked her hips into me. My strokes were short, staying deep inside her. The cold air was not felt again by Charlie until after we both came. Once again, we wanted to preserve the moment; sharing all the pulses and throbs and completely letting my cock drain itself into her. "I want it all", she said, "I want it all".

We got dressed and made it to work with only minutes to spare. Our bodies were satisfied, but our hearts were longing.

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O'Trick said...

I just commented on the wrong post. Sorry.
You get 2 hour lunches? wow, that should help out some.