Monday, December 1, 2008

Shooting Blanks

I don't remember exactly how old I was; only that I was in elementary school and not yet 10. It was time to play soccer during P.E. I had nothing against soccer. When you're a kid just running around is great fun - then throw in the added bennies of actually kicking a ball into a net! Hell Yeah! Well, the fun ended when some clumsy kid aimed for the rolling ball, missed and kicked me square in the nuts. I could have sworn that those two tender morsels were going to explode through my eyeballs! I only remember rolling around on the ground. I also remember never... ever playing that game again.

I had a couple of sexual experiences in middle school, but my sexuality exploded in High School. I was very picky. I didn't choose to explode in just any girl with a short skirt or big boobs. There had to be more going on for her than that, and we had to click. Ok, so there was this one time I took a girl to the prom (my 2nd) and we danced once, then screwed the night away in her Dad's car! Her exact name escapes me. My point is that there were plenty of very "good friends" in H.S.

There were also plenty accidents, omissions and "let's just fuck"; and never a pregnant High School girl. Never a pregnant sorority girl or anyone else... nothing... nada. It's been ok. It's always been ok with me. If we have a child... great; if we don't... great. Really, it's as simple as that.
So when Nicole missed the usually timely arrival of Ms. Flo, I was concerned, but not overly so. I was much more concerned about her emotional state than I was about the real possibility of her being pregnant. I have not been checked (yes, I know I should be... for the few who wanted a child), but I have always believed that I'm shooting big, fat & hot blanks.

Today we were informed by Nicole that there is nothing to worry or be concerned about. She was not feeling well and just before lunch she went home for the day. Flo has made her not so pleasant presence known.

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