Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fingers & Tongues: Their Secret

I never wanted Nicole or Amber to feel as if they had to get together; but at the same time I didn't try to hide my fantasy of the two of them doing it over and over again. Up to this point they've played with each other in the car, and made love in a hotel. They've given each other cums with fingers and tongues, and they have had their alone time to explore each other without my presence.

When I found out they spent another 2 hours together after work, I was both perplexed and turned on. On the one hand, I wondered why it had to be a secret; the other hand was holding Charlie.

Me: 'smirk' talk to me lovers

Nicole: it was not that we were hiding it from you.

Amber: nope

Nicole: it was more like a little game we were playing.

Me: ok

Amber: it was our secret and you know what, it was more exciting that way!

Nicole: wroorr yeap, and we had fun keeping it from you too!

Amber: hehe do you want the juicy details or not?

So they are playing with me and it's ok. I still think they should have been more open with their intentions, but I understand what they were up to, and if it turned them on even more... if the intensity of their orgasm was stronger & longer... then more power to them.

I got off on the visual for two days straight and if I think about it too much while writing this post, I'll have to again. So thanks to Amber & Nicole for spending their secret time together... for sharing some of the titillating details, like having a double dildo inserted while talking about everyone at work that turns them on. When they told me that, I figured there was at least one glass of wine involved... there was. And thanks for letting me know there is a bruise on Amber's thigh from being over-humped by Nicole and cum on twice. That bruise was confirmed just yesterday at lunch. It looked like a pussy's skid mark to me. My dick shot up so fast & hard that Amber had to work at getting her lips around the bouncy throbs. I came in record time imagining Nicole's elated grinding!

Nicole: it reminded me of riding a horse! hehe you're next Max!

Me: oh happy day... tell me when and where

and ever since the "...change" I thought I was in control! HA

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