Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Simple Fantasy

Along the lines of my previous post... I've had this fantasy of sneaking into the girls dorm to visit someone. During this visit, we have a few drinks and the subject of cunnilingus comes up. Somehow word spreads that we are talking about oral sex and my friend & I notice that there are several pieces of paper beginning to accumulate under the door. She gathers them up, spreads them on the table and all we see are dorm numbers. Every piece of paper had a dorm number on it! Everyone on her floor!

She looks at me and says, "this is your lucky day!". We precede to knock on every dorm door. when the door is open, we flash them the corresponding number, I go in and lick her pussy until she cums. We knock on 25 doors and it takes a little over 3 hours!
I'm not even sure if I pull that off in life, but that's why we call them fantasies.

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Sexy Brat said...

Hi Max.
It's your friend from Twitter. :)