Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time For a Change

Things were definitely simpler when it was just Nicole and I. Now that we have Amber in our little love nest, all the simple acts have become much more complicated.

I took Nicole to lunch Friday; she wanted to be fingered. She almost demanded that I finger her… almost. Nicole’s demands sound more like a question, as in “fuck me?” She had not cum for 2 full days, and for each of us that’s a long time. We drove to our favorite park and found our spot empty. It’s at the end of the lot, and furthest from the road. Not far away is a walking trail… thankfully too far away to see deep inside the car.

Nicole had a quick cum and then leaned over to give me head. After our cums, and a few kind words of appreciation, we stopped at Starbucks. We made it back to work with only a few minutes to spare. As we walked through the parking lot, Amber made a frantic call on my cell.

Amber: did you both cum?
Me: yes, we’re ready for a nap.
Amber: I want to taste you?
Me: Amber, look at the time, I need to ride the fast elevator this time. If I ride the slo, I may be late.
Amber: I’ve been sitting here thinking about you two… went to the restroom and inserted. I want to taste you so bad… please?
Me: [sigh]…ok, I’ll meet you at the slo.

At that moment, I resented the fact that she didn’t seem to care if I was late or not. Up to this point, I’ve let them both have complete control of my time within reason. It has been up to the two of them to decide who would do breaks, lunch and sneak-away slo elevator rides. There is most definitely something in me that enjoys their demands; their control. They are always respectful and considerate of my feelings, but last Friday I didn’t get that feeling at all from Amber. She was in no condition to be reasoned with.

Nicole: what’s up?
Me: Amber wants to lick Charlie.
Nicole: see you in chat.

Amber had already taken the elevator and was waiting for me in the backdoor lobby. We waited… I could tell she was in a sexual rage and could not wait for the door to open. She was already breathing hard. Her chest was rising and falling with every sigh. It was a look I had never seen before – almost upset – unsettled, and on the verge of exploding if she didn’t get what she wanted. On one level, I was excited for her, but on another, it made me wonder about her. Where was this coming from? What the hell have Nicole and I gotten ourselves into?

Amber: damnit, come on… we better be alone! Are you wearing underwear?
Me: yes, jockey. Are you ok?
Amber: I’m just fucking horny!

Jockey’s are harder to work with, because Charlie had to be threaded through the pee hole and that took more time. Even on the “slo” elevator, we have to stay aware and move fast if we want to get it all done without incident. We usually plan every detail before stepping on board… usually. Sometimes the passion takes over and we try to do a little bit of everything. It tends to be a rather reckless attack on each other, which ends suddenly when we hear the last elevator ding.

Me: no worries, I’ll get it out.

There are security cameras on the lobby of all elevators and we were having the hardest time not touching each other. The elevator dinged and she rushed on, held the door open for me and pushed the button. The door had a couple of inches before closing when she went for my zipper. She was still breathing frantically and already on one knee anticipating the release of Charlie. I dug into the open zipper and brought out a semi-hard and still damp dick. She inhaled deeply with her nose against my crouch, trying to pick up any scent I had left. Time was of the essence, as the first floor ding rang louder then it needed to. She took all of me in her mouth and made a humming noise. The heat of her breath was a safe and cozy place to be; like a warm blanket on a chilly night. I could feel some weak pulses as she cleaned up the cum left behind by Nicole. Given her excitement; her technique and a few more floors, I could have cum again.

Amber: I felt that!

We were getting closer to our floor and the time was near for me to zip up. Amber stood and we had a quick hug before the finale ding.

Amber: thank you.
Me: that was nice.

We went back to our cubes and Amber demanded that Nicole and I describe exactly what happened at lunch in chat. This is typical of Amber. She wants to know every detail and lots of them. It would never be enough to say, “I touched her and she came, then she touched me and I came”. She wants a book.

Of course, Amber was even hornier after the elevator ride. She asked if I could ride to the park with her after work. Something we have done a few times, but on this Friday, I did not have that option. I had other obligations.

Amber: I’m so wet and horny right now thinking about you two!
Nicole: you going to cum when you get home?
Amber: Darling, I’m not going to make it that long.
Me: heh
Amber: brb
Me: where u goin’
Amber: rr


Lilly said...

Threesomes definitly get complicated. More so when twosomes pair off and one is left out. For whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

It's nice that you don't take all this for granted. I hope all of you find a change that works. I'll be waiting for more!

Anonymous said...

what's up with Amber? Sounds like she IS taking it for granted. It is a warning sign based on my experiences.

Sexy Brat said...

I dunno...I am thinking that Amber is the jealous type?