Tuesday, August 5, 2008


In a previous post, I mentioned that Amber & Nicole love hearing me tell stories from my past while they touch themselves. I did that yesterday and they both had riveting orgasms. Of course, it’s also exciting for me to watch them, but I do more than just watch. I make mental notes. You can learn so much by watching an uninhibited woman touch herself.

As the body relaxes into a zen-ful state, the magic show begins. Bottom limbs spread and ten digits touch to tingle. The sparks are subtle with sporadic flexes and tender exhales. Her touch excites her. Her eyes are looking up at nothing, but with a gaze of wonder. She knows where this is going; has been there many a time… has touched the sky beyond her walls and tiptoed atop the clouds.

Listen closely and you can hear her ocean; the waters being stirred by active fingers. She takes a dip deep inside, then taste the human nectar. Her opposite hand now rest in the valley of wetness, caressing the lips and tickling the pearl. It’s hard now and the synapses are firing with every touch. She pants away the finger from her mouth, removing the nectar, but not the wetness.

With two fingers inside herself and two fingers wrapped around her nipple; the tide rises and one can see the leakage spill from her vagina. The cloudy juices build upon itself with every pulse. Her exhales are louder and her toes begin to curl. She’s driving past relaxation and headed towards eruption. The head arches back then springs forward, and she giggles to herself. The turn is fast and her face changes to a painful delight. The speed increases as she nears a hill; accelerating her piston-like fingers in and out, in and out.

This is how she’ll do it this time. This is how she’ll cum. She’ll pull back the hood and work the clit from side to side. It excites her to feel her pussy clutching her fingers. Her body is now a wave from head to toe, convulsing synchronously into her swelling ocean. With her eyes rolling, face contorting, and the tide building; she rides downhill… downhill and up again… pumping herself… loving herself to orgasm.

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