Friday, August 29, 2008

Female Bonding - Part II

Nicole stretched her hand out and whispered "hold me". She had run her hands through her hair and laid it all over the pillow under, and around her. Her lips were puckered as she squirmed around under Amber's tongue. I was transfixed on Nicole's face, watching her reactions. Her lips moved independently of each other. At times her entire mouth moved to one side or the other. She would look at me, smile; then her head would move involuntarily up, or to the other side.
Amber was way too busy, with two fingers in her pussy and a flicking tongue, to notice Nicole's subtle calls to me; let alone the fact that those three players had to travel an area of half the bed... as Nicole moved around a lot when she was excited. Whoever licked Nicole had to hold on as she bucked you around for a tasty ride.

Nicole's arm was still extended in my direction. I let go of my hard dick, took 2 steps to the bed and leaned over Nicole for a kiss. It was no accident that her outstretched arm was now between my legs. She gently cuffed my balls and guided me closer. I was letting her breath... kissing around her ear and down to her neck. She was close and based on previous experience, Nicole's hands... close to my balls... while she was cumming... was not an optimal position for me.

That aside, I wanted the full scale of what was going on. I wanted to see Amber eating her as she came, along with Nicole's full body reaction. I went back to my seat, still holding onto a hard dick.

Typical for Nicole, she let out a disappointing sigh, informing me that she was not happy that I left her side. She was still enjoying herself, but she wanted to share it with me. Whatever had been decided earlier in chat just got thrown out the window. I stood up and complied with her lusty request. Her tongue was hanging out the side of her mouth and there was a trail of spit running down her cheek. She wanted to lick Charlie. I climbed on the bed, got on my knees, and hoped that I read her right. I did...she turned her head and I leaned Charlie near her mouth. She put me in her mouth and held me deep
I looked around and Amber was still working on Betsy. She was slowly moving two fingers in and out. Amber's eyes got bigger, as she tilted her head up to see my dick getting sucked. All I could think of was not getting in the way. I wanted them to do what they wanted and only allowed this dick sucking because Nicole so sweetly requested it... and because it feels so damn good! I still wanted to watch... I wanted to see the full scene.

Amber was now using her fast fingers directly on Nicole's clit. This was my chance to step back, because Nicole didn't need my dick in her mouth as she gasp for air. I went back to my seat, now with a very spitty wet Charlie. I stroked hard & fast as I saw and heard Nicole's pre-cum ritual. She grabbed the sheets and contorted her face. She pumped her hips and kicked her legs in the air. I heard a pussy fart and knew the cum was close. Her stomach tightened and elevated...she pushed... Her pelvis arched up and forward into Amber. Amber hung in there, taking her tongue wherever Nicole's pussy & clit went. The audible wetness was now dripping from Amber's nose and chin. Nicole was having a squirt! When I saw all the wetness on Amber, I came on myself, by myself. Nicole's butt was still in the air...still gushing juices and I could see the soaked sheets beneath her.
All of a sudden Nicole brought her legs together and gave a little push back on Amber's head.

Nicole: ok, ok, ok, ohhhh my

Amber smiled and looked over at me... I could see she wanted to rest her head on a dry spot, but there was none in her chest was heaving...there was a string of cum hanging from the head of Charlie...Nicole laid there catching her breath... arms folded over and appearing to hug herself.


Freddie said...

didn't "Charlie" want some of that action? I would have jumped right in!

Anonymous said...

dude this is like an all time guy dream just sitting back and watching! btw, you can add as many pictures as you want! lovin this!