Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Agreement

Yes, we talked. All 3 of us sat in a local restaurant together, hardly eating and trying to work this out. It became clear, before we were served the meals we would never finish, that each of us had our gripes. Nicole admitted to feeling resentment towards both Amber & I, because she too missed the simpler times of her & I doing what we wanted when we wanted. Amber, on the other hand, said she felt left out and was jealous of Nicole getting more than my sexual attention. She believes that Nicole loves me and I must feel the same way.

On top of all that, Nicole is very envious of Amber's sexual abilities, which I've touched on in a couple of previous post. For some reason, before Amber joined us, I rarely came when Nicole gave head. She would have to resort to a handjob, letting the head of Charlie rest on her tongue as I released. I had no complaints, to be sure, but Nicole noticed the change while sitting in the backseat of the car. She watched Amber work me over with her talented lips, tongue & hand; taking me deep in her mouth and squeezing me as every bit of cum drained and coated her throat. Not a drop was ever lost. Whether it was me thinking of Amber during, or Nicole simply learning from watching Amber is debatable; but my guess is that it's a good combo of both. Nicole found some coordination, which she freely admits is not her strong suit, and all I had to do is think of cumming in Amber...yet again. I was now cumming in Nicole's mouth on a regular basis without a problem.

Before we left our half eaten food, I suggested to the two of them, that I would decide exactly what would take place on any given day, break, lunch or whatever. To my pleasant surprise, they both seemed relieved that the burden of deciding was not on their shoulders. I understood that... because now I was the one in charge of this delicate balancing act. I admitted to Amber that equal time would be very difficult because of the time Nicole and I had already spent and the bond we currently had. For her to expect the same kind of "attention" is unrealistic and if she was not willing to except that, then this could not continue. Without hesitation, Amber agreed and said "something is better than nothing at all, and I will try to relax a bit more than I have been."

This was a breakthrough! The leftover food on our plate looked good, smelled good, but nothing was as good as hearing those words from Amber. We left our food and a tip; then walked out as one.

There was plenty of time to ride the slo today; in fact we were a little early. Once we stepped in the elevator - without any warning - Amber grabbed Nicole, drew her close and kissed her with the deepest and most passionate kiss I had ever seen between two women.

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Lilly said...

Hmmm I hope they don't read this blog! Lol

It sounds like all was worked out well...threesome things can be SO hard on a continuing basis, there's really almost always jealousy issues and uneven bonds.