Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Female Bonding - Part I

Amber left the door unlocked and we could hear the shower at the far end of the room. The curtains were wide open and a chair was positioned directly in front of the window; creating a shadow of myself on the bed. I silently wondered if they planned to leave this window open. Nicole told me to have a seat, then hurried herself to the bathroom, while putting her hair back. I sat there in silence trying to hear what they were saying. They were giggling like two little girls, then going silent for long periods of time. My imagination took off and Charlie got hard. I pulled the ottoman closer, put my feet up and leaned back in the chair. Every part of me wanted to join whatever they were doing in there. Then the shower stopped…

They came out holding hands and wet from head to toe. I’ve always loved the sight of a wet woman and they knew it! Nicole led Amber to the bed right in front of me, laid down and Amber climbed directly on top. The absolute beauty of their two naked bodies pressed against each other on that bed made me grab myself. After feeling my own throbs, I stood up and took my jeans off to set Charlie free. I wondered if I was capable of just sitting there stroking myself while watching.

Nicole looked over at me and whispered to Amber, “look at that”.

Amber: Stroke it baby!
Nicole: Stroke it slowly.

I didn’t say a word, but my mouth was wide open. Someone could have been standing behind me, looking through the window. I didn't care. I was totally in the moment of their passion.

Amber repositioned on one of Nicole’s thighs. She was resting on her elbows and slowly licking around Nicole’s lips. Their mouths found each other and their heads rotated into a deep & sloppy kiss. Amber began to slowly grind into the thigh between her legs. I could see Nicole’s knee bend up to add some pressure. They both moaned in pleasure as their lips parted and they glared into each other’s eyes. Seeing that made me stroke Charlie even faster. Amber then sat up to rest her hands on Nicole’s breast. She looked over at me and made those familiar sounds she makes before cumming. I had to ask, “Amber, you gonna cum?”; she sat up straight and squeezed her own breast with both hands. I could see her toes curling and she thrust her pelvis into Nicole’s thigh with increased urgency.

Amber: Oh fuck…. Oh fuck, grab my ass!!!
Nicole: cum on fuck me!!!

I could hardly stand it, as Amber shivered and screamed, then fell down on Nicole, still grinding her wet pussy against Nicole's thigh. I wanted to go lick all the juices up, but stayed in my seat and held on to a throbbing Charlie. Amber’s butt tightened as she had more convulsions. She finally let out a big sigh and collapsed further, letting all of her weight rest on Nicole. I released Charlie from my tight grip and said, “damn!”, smiling from ear to ear.

Nicole: did you enjoy that?

Both Amber and I said “yes”.

Me: hell yeah!

Amber giggled, then lifted herself and gave Nicole a sweet after cum kiss. Nicole was moving her entire body, probably wet from the excitement and anticipating her chance for her own cum.

Me: did we forget to bring water?
Amber: yeap! But it’s ok, we have cups.

She slid down Nicole's body and licked over her stomach and landed on Betsy. I always thought that was a funny name for a pussy, but Nicole named her pussy one day after her childhood fav… Betty Boop. Betty... Betsy... It didn’t matter. We all had funny names for our parts.

I went to the bathroom sink and filled the 2 cups with water, leaving one on the nightstand and downing mine before making it back to my front row seat. The action had started without me. I was really hoping for a commercial break or maybe a bathroom run from one or both… but they just kept going.

Me: What did I miss?

No one answered or even looked over. Nicole’s head was tilted back in pleasure and Amber was deep in her pussy.

Nicole: yessss

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wish you had a video of that! yea!!!