Thursday, August 21, 2008

What She Said

What's better than watching Nicole & Amber masturbate together? Watching the two of them fuck!

They started in the backseat of the car. I drove as carefully as possible while watching them kiss and fondle each other through my rear view. Nicole told us both in chat this morning that she wanted to show her appreciation for Amber's flexibility and willingness to relax a little, and letting things just happen.

Nicole: It could have ended yesterday lovers. I was not ready for that to happen.
Amber: me either. I care for you dearly. is there anything I can do for YOU today?
Nicole: I was about to ask you the same question! heh we can hug for starters!
Amber: you bet...omw

It was still early, we hadn't even had our first break yet. These ladies were not wasting any time and passion was definitely in the air. They quickly came back and shared what happened...

Me: hey, do tell...
Nicole: wrooor
Me: hehe, ok... so
Nicole: so we had a very yummy hug
Me: and what were your hands doing?
Amber: my hands were around her butt, squeezing
Nicole: I had a finger in Cherie'
Me: oh man, wish I was there.
Nicole: you want to be? you want to see what we were doing?
Me: duh!!! hehe
Amber: you want to see me lick her asshole?
Me: damn, you both came to work horny this morning.
Amber: do you have any plans for us?
Me: not really, have not thought about it. I've been working, but we can all get together at lunch!
Nicole: so glad you thought of that! hehehe
Amber: heheheheh
Me: yeah, me too... you weasels
Nicole: we want to do a 2 hour lunch
Nicole: all of us together.
Amber: we need that.
Me: I agree. the last few days have been tough.
Nicole: Amber & I would like to fuck, you ok with that?
Me: naw, it so pisses me off
Amber: really, why?

There was a long pause, which usually means we got busy with work, but in this case, everyone just waited. Amber was in a strange place, actually thinking there was a chance I was pissed.

Me: come on lovers, you know me better than that.

We all got approved for our 2 hours -Amber, because of her unique job flexibility, would leave about 15 minutes early to secure the room. She would then call me with the room number and Nicole & I would leave at 12.

Me: so you two want to fuck? yes, I love saying that.
Nicole: we have a bet!
Me: what?
Nicole: well, I want her body and she wants mine and we want you to be there!

This is me trying not to be giddy about the entire ordeal...

Me: hehe, ok I'll sit in the chair and watch you get busy. what's this about a bet?
Nicole: we'll let you know.

It was getting close to break, and Nicole and I planned on going nextdoor to get breakfast.

Nicole: are you hard?
Me: lemme see, we have been talking about me watching the two of you fuck each other, and Amber wants to lick your asshole...yeah, it's manbag time again. Let's go...
Nicole: omw

It was always important to wait for that "OnMyWay". If I left too early, I might end up standing there in front of the slo by myself or with someone else, in which case, I would be forced to ride down for appearances sake. By the time I got back up, we would have lost a good 5 minutes of smooches.

This time, we only hugged and kissed in the elevator. Nicole whispered how excited she was to have some one on one time with Amber. She was really starting to like Amber, and the added dimension she brought to us. After the talk and the agreement in the restaurant, I think Nicole really empathized with her and wanted to show her just how welcome she was. I thought it was sweet. Nicole told me as we exited the elevator that lunch was her idea today, and Amber said the thought of it made her instantly wet with excitement.

We walked down a long hallway, with conference rooms on one side and the cafeteria on the other. Instead of making a right turn to our morning snack, I guided Nicole to the left. We quickly entered a large dark conference room and I slowly backed Nicole into the center table with 15-20 chairs around it. She moved the chair, and did a slight hop onto the conference table. We both lifted the skirt at the same time and I went down on her already gushing pussy. Meetings like this left no time for foreplay...our foreplay consisted of everything we had talked about earlier in chat. I was hard and she was wet; and the table was at a perfect height for me to easily slip Charlie in, but THAT risk was a little too much for us... so far.

We got our food and hurried back. This time we used the fast elevator, because of the extra conference room time we had.

Amber: if anyone wants to tell me what happened... I would love to hear.
Me: can you wait until lunch, I'll tell you then.
Nicole: wroooor
Amber: what she said!

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