Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tantric Massage

The Tantric Massage usually starts off with some kind of breathing exercise. While making sure I inhaled through the nose and exhaled through the mouth, I had to visualize different colors. There is a reason for everything in Tantra and I could see myself utilizing some of the techniques, but as a 1st timer; my curiosity ended at the front door. I really wanted to know just how far she would go.

When my head hit the face cradle, a strong scent of eucalyptus oil almost burned my throat. I told her about it and she removed a soaked cloth. Things got a lot better from that point on.

It started off like most massages, on my stomach. Prior to the massage, I read a lot about Tantric, but none of my readings prepared me for my first surprise. She asked me to lift my hips. She then put her hands under me; grabbed Charlie and moved it straight between my legs. The pulses started, deep in the stomach, and seemingly sitting behind the penal shaft! pulse too!

Her technique was great. Not my usual deep tissue massage, but the movements of her hand worked me good. She played my body. She glided over my back, butt and legs, making sure that she gave each side equal attention. Remember Charlie was resting between my legs and now he was growing.

Ahhh…she spent some more time on my butt… thankfully. Some pro massage shops will only touch your butt through the sheets and only if YOU ask. Raise your hand if you feel funny saying, “I like my butt done too…thanks”.

Before rolling over, she made sure Charlie was comfy between my legs, using her teasing fingers. Often that is the hardest part of the massage; moving after being thoroughly relaxed for 30 minutes. Charlie was in an aroused state and I was very curious how the rest of the massage would go.

Now she had full access. She started at my feet and worked her way to my inner thighs. It felt wonderful... how she worked my muscles in a circle ever closer to my "sex", as she called it.
Tantric massage has points of interest starting at your head and working down the center of your body to your sex.

She left my inner thighs after causing some good reactions, and started again on my head. She massaged my temples, and then worked on my chest, forcing the flow downward. I could feel the blood rushing to my "sex". I was completely under her control and Charlie was standing straight up.

I could feel the tension down there, but the rest of me was somewhere else. She grabbed Charlie at the base with one hand and wrapped the other hand around the rest. I think I literally arched my back into her. She slowly brought both hands up, grazing over and clearing Charlie. I tried to relax, while having a train of throbs forcing my hips to arch. She left Charlie and began to work my inner thighs, with deep stokes working high and back down towards my knees.

Charlie was still standing as she repeated that same move with her hands over Charlie three more times! I was thinking... if she did that once more, I was going to cum on her or grab myself and finish. It was an extreme tease… as I waited for that fourth time…

She must have dipped into some heated oil, because my next sensation was her stroking Charlie with a warm & slippery oil coated hand. At that point, I was at full throttle, it felt so nice and hot. I figured she best watch out, because this load was going to be huge. She then reached for a warm towel and cleaned the oil off. A thrilled Charlie relaxed under the warmth. There was another warm towel which she used for the rest of my body. She knew exactly when to stop.

I could not wait to get home to relieve myself and even had thoughts of doing it in the car…but I waited…got home and came on my belly while reclining on the sofa.

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Sexy Brat said...

Good reading. I like what I am reading. Can you please fill me in on some history though? I did not go back to the beginning of your blog yet. If I am to understand correctly - you are a male whom works with two females that are also your girlfriends/lovers and all is well with the three of you. :)