Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Workplace Passion

I always noticed her as she walked by. My initial thoughts about her included what I thought to be a bare naked ass under that free flowing skirt. You've heard the saying, "looked like too little pigs fighting", well these pigs were in good shape, but liberated enough to have a rhythm of their own. I sat in a cube that bordered the runway to the restroom. Lucky for me, not too close, but close enough to notice almost everyone who walked by. Nicole always caught my attention; I loved her butt.

That was very early on and she began to stop by my cube (especially if I had food) to say hi and talk about whatever books we happen to be reading. We always had a good laugh. Things didn't start getting warmer until we chatted online, at work, where we revealed ourselves. From "what's your fav color?", to "are you horny?"; and a lot in between.

It wasn't long until we started taking breaks & lunches together, but before any of that, we had sex in our cubes. Nicole got so horny the first time we really talked about sex. She said that her chair was getting awfully wet (more about another chair later) and she was unable to concentrate on her job. I remember telling her that I had already adjusted as well as I could sitting down and how I needed to stand up to do a proper job. When I sat down, she had already put "away" up and was off to the rr. I sat there throbbing with one hand beneath the desk, squeezing the sweet spot. I managed to bring all hands on deck to send her another chat, advising her that she better tell me everything. Hours passed...no, I'm kidding...but it sure seemed like it. All the usual girls walking past me didn't matter. My heart was pounding for Nicole.

Finally, she made it back. I wondered if this sweet young lady I've come to know, actually went into the rr, at work, and came. I noticed the time between her words grew longer.

Nicole said: I had a loud cum!

Nicole said: have been trying to catch my breath

I was thinking WOW... this is nice. I was still throbbing thinking of the possibility of her cumming. Now that I knew, oh baby, I just wanted to hold her and feel her passion up against my throbs.

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