Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Audience at The Stop Sign

Amber comes closer to exhibiting nymphomaniacal tendencies, then any woman I've known. Simply put, she loves to fuck, suck and cum as much as she can stand. For all the men out there who know and understand the constant needs & desires of these women; high five! If you have been pleasantly challenged, much appreciated, and had a woman cum in your face 4 or more times a session; thumbs up! At lunch, Amber would cum on the way to Whole Foods; in the parking lot, and then again riding back to work.

Not blowing my own horn here, not even close, because Amber is a cummer. She has an extra sensitive clit and has actually cum from my caressing her pubic hairs. She had to train me on just how to touch her, because most women require more pressure in that area. I'm a fast learner most of the time, and I got my fingers to calm down and work her lightly. After much practice, it got easy to talk, drive and bring her to multiple orgasms.
Not long ago Amber and I shared a lunch together. We didn't think there would be enough time to actually eat since we both wanted to cum. On a few occasions we pulled that one off... 1 cum for each and lunch; happy day.

This time, I touched her from the moment I started the engine. We sat at a long Stop Light and she told me how much she NEEDED to cum. My fingers gathered her pussy's juices and splashed them around her clit. Just before our last Stop sign, she was close to cumming. I stopped the car and signaled another car to cross. He had the right of way, but he continued to sit there. I could just make out another body on the passenger side and a head leaning forward from the backseat . Just as I took my foot off the break to cross the street, Amber started to cum. I noticed that she did not let the seat down this time. It was only at 45 degrees. The driver who didn't want to cross had been watching her get close, and now that we were in the middle of the intersection, she was cumming! I didn't stop and she came for everyone looking. I kept driving and my fingers kept working.

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