Saturday, July 12, 2008

OH MY, it IS soaking wet! I bent over to get a closer look at the chair, or was it to catch a good sniff of her horny.

She dared me… she knew there were experiences I could recall to get her off. YOU USED ME AMBER! Ok, so what, right! We both got off on our different roles in this game of passion. At this point, it was only and all about passion. Passion for Amber, but much more for Nicole... much more of something.

Amber: You said that you would tell me about your Tantric massage, can you?
Me : I will
Amber: can you help me wet my chair?
Me : smile...let me get some actual work done and I’ll tell you all about it. It left me raggin’ for sex!
Amber: smile
Amber: hurry!

NEXT: Tantric Massage

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