Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Book of Lovers

It was never a master plan of mine, but Nicole happens to be the second women in my life with deep religious convictions. The first has nothing to do with my current place of employment, other than we had a long term relationship and we still love each other very much. Both Nicole & Amber know of her, are intimidated by her, but still want to hear about the sex we had. I have been open with them by indulging in long descriptions of what we used to do while one or both of them masturbates.

Among the many books of fiction Nicole often carried; she also carried the Bible. We rarely discussed her beliefs, but it was no secret to myself and our coworkers where she stood. For her to have a lover was beyond comprehension. But even though she held and/or read The Book on her way to the restroom, there was something in the way she carried herself which perked me up in more ways than one. She dripped sensuality with every stride, and I wondered what was hiding under the facade. It wasn't like a nut I had to crack. I do not believe in counting "notches" in my belt. I was genuinely curious what this woman was all about.

There is something about chat which allows for an easier discourse of our inner feelings; especially at work. Before we became physical with each other, we chatted off and on throughout the day. We hadn't started taking lunches together yet, so breaks and her strolls past my cube was our only face time. Chat was used as our private way to be intimate. We learned so much about each other before the topic of sex ever came up, but once it did, there was no stopping us.

I assure you that I am not generally attracted to women with Bibles, but there does seem to be a trend developing here. Although Amber does not carry a Bible around, she is also deeply religious. How is that reconciled? The 3 of us have discussed this superficially, but it has never spoiled or slowed down the genuine passion we have. As an Agnostic, I wonder if I could carry the Bible one moment and bend them both over the next. I don't think so. Somehow they have successfully compartmentalized and it works for them.

The main ingredient to the success of what we do is that we respect each other. We all have both a physical and a mental bond. I believe that since we make love to each other, actually care for one another - we work... at work.

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