Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quick Lick: Park & Cum

She got in the back seat of the car and lifted her skirt to expose her bottom half.
She had already taken off her panties during break. The view was wonderful with her retro-bush of pussy hairs all over. I watched and grabbed myself as she got comfy. She was settling into a low recline, perfectly situated for me to get up close and personal from the front passenger side.
I 45'ed my seat and leaned into her, ending up between her parted legs. The skirt had captured the musky smell and now it was free. The scent of her pussy was filling the car and drawing me closer. I began by licking the exposed cheeks of her ass. My tongue traced up and down her crack; each time getting a little closer to her pussy. Her pussy lips were showing signs of wetness. I could hear her anticipation. Her body moved her clit closer to my mouth. She wanted my swirling tongue now! Foreplay took place via chat and some contact at break., so she was ready. I put a finger in her wetness while gently running my tongue over her clit. I found my way down to her pussy and licked around the edges. Her hips pumped higher and my tongue was over her asshole. I could feel the wetness of her pussy with the tip of my nose.
I then put a finger in her pussy, and made little circles around her hardened clit with my tongue. Her pussy clinched my finger every time I grazed over her clit. She told me not to stop.
This could be fast!
When Amber cums during masturbation, her legs are always together and her body tenses into one big orgasm. When she cums with me between her legs, she grabs her knees and holds them way back; giving me full access.
Sometimes I like following the juices down the crack of her ass and licking them back up, like catching a dripping ice cream cone before it hits your hand. I tongue-tapped around her pussy lips, then inserted my warm tongue as deep into her as I could. My fingers were playing with the outer rim of her asshole, and there were two other fingers on her clit playing the tiny violin.. Early on, she advised me that no one had ever played with her asshole before; now she loved & expected it. She needed to cum, I could feel her about to explode.
My tongue slowly exited her pussy and found its way back to her clit. This was it, she wanted to bring it home!
Her resting hand on my arm turned into a bear claw as she got closer. Her nails dug into me briefly until she jerked her knees back even further. I slowed down the tongue circles and could feel her pussy pulses grabbing my fingers. She came with a deep groan which expanded into a high-pitched bird call. She rode the cum right over my face... up & down. I tried to stay on the spot, but licked whatever. My finger found her asshole and I could feel every pulse she had left.

We still had thirty minutes of lunch; did a drive-thru and went back to work.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! And still time for lunch.