Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Amber is really good!

Nicole and I talked in chat and during lunches about Amber, and how this new edition has changed our relationship. Our roles as lovers was going through a transition and we were not sure if any of this would survive. Everything was just a bit more complicated; from who would go to lunch, to who needed some attention. Of course, in the beginning it was very exciting for me, having to "schedule" a session with one or both. I looked forward to each and every option. I agreed to letting them decide who got what and when. I would simply enjoy being with my lovers.

Nicole: you had a big cum at lunch!
me: it wouldn't have been the same without you.
Nicole: I got close myself... you need some ice?
me: I got a water from the snack tray, thanks. I could hear you playing with Betsy. How is she now?
Nicole: wet
me: anything I can do? :P
Nicole: a couple of fingers would feel nice! Amber is really good! I wish I was that coordinated.
me: she is... I'm so lucky because you both are so good in so many different ways!
Nicole: thank you
Nicole: you ready?
me: omw

We met in the slo and I got to play in her wetness. I wanted to bend her over right there. Charlie was awake and I pressed against her thigh, with two fingers in her pussy. Moments like this defined us as lovers. One trying to give the other exactly what they want, and the other getting off by giving. Pleasure was the sum total of both parts.

Our workday was about done. We now had another episode to talk about tomorrow and start the turn ons all over again. It was a sweet cycle of three lovers in constant heat for each other.

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Anonymous said...

any chance of calling me next time you 3 get together? Ok, if not, keep the good trash cumming!